Saturday, 23 June 2018

Jezza says Charlton 'plaything of billionaires'

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn has backed the call for a fan on the board at Charlton. The Arsenal fan said that he would come to a match if invited by Charlton fans: Corbyn would come to Valley

He said, 'Charlton was a very good club. But now it seems to be becoming a plaything for billionaires who are competing with each other.'

Corbyn is a great friend of John Austin-Walker who was leader of what was then Woolwich Council at the time of the fight to return to The Valley.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Bowyer still hopes to be in permanent charge

Lee Bowyer would have preferred to have been appointed permanent manager rather than being renewed as caretaker, but he still thinks that he could be the unquestioned supremo by the start of the season: Caretaker tag could change in August

Roland has told Bowyer that the takeover has been held up for a 'little bit'. To fans, the delays seem interminable.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Charlton could cash in on Pope

Former Charlton keeper and World Cup squad member Nick Pope is being linked with a £18m move to Liverpool. There is a sell on clause which is believed to be over 20 per cent so Roland could collect more than £3m: Mult-million windfall

However, I can't see the Clarets being too keen on letting Pope go.

Bookies favour Charlton promotion

The bookies have made Charlton third favourites for promotion from League One next season: Promotion challengers

It all looks very unlikely to me. While my non-league club is making a series of good signings, all we are seeing is exits at The Valley. While I have confidence in Lee Bowyer, his hands are tied.

We just have to hope that there is a sudden breakthrough in the stalled takeover talks which seem to be beset by more than one issue. Perhaps then we will see Skippy and his friends bounding round the pitch before the start of the season.

There is a rumour circulating that the Australians don't have the cash and are prepared to let Roland retain ownership of The Valley and training ground. I would have thought that Muir and his associates are not short of the necessary readies, but who knows? I don't!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A lesson in how to say very little

The joint statement on the takeover is a master class in how to say very little whilst purporting to offer reassurance: Takeover update

It says, 'Understandably, negotiations of this scale take time due to the enormous amount of due diligence that goes on behind the scenes, the need to satisfy the regulatory complexities of a football takeover and the challenges of assembling an ownership group.' If that was generally true, all football takeovers would take over a year when most of them are completed in a month or two. Roland took two weeks to complete due diligence, admittedly cutting corners. The BBC says that a price was agreed in February, so that cannot be the issue.

The reference to the 'challenges of assembling an ownership group' does confirm speculation that the size of the Australian consortium is an issue.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt tweeted about the statement, 'sets new standard for content-free official announcements - no doubt because they couldn’t agree anything meaningful. But even the fact of a joint statement is progress.'

Valley Floyd Road commented, 'Not sure what fans were expecting from statement, a date ? A planned organisation structure when the Aussies takeover? The financial worth and tax contributions? Come on be realistic. This was the best we could expect, confirmation RD is expecting to sell to the Aussies.'

At least the takeover is not off, as was feared last week.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Australians to release statement

The Australians are to release a statement tomorrow (Wednesday) on the current state of play in the takeover negotiations. Having received this news, James Dutton will no longer withdraw the Jimmy Seed bust from The Valley.

Rick Everitt's take on the situation can be found here: Fire sale?

Richard Cawley has tweeted that the statement will come via the club. He commented, 'It's going to be along the line that talks are progressing but taking longer than anyone would like - buyers and seller.

Some better news

Better news as it is revealed that contract negotiations are ongoing with Aribo and Fosu and a price tag of £2m has been put on Patrick Bauer to scare buyers off: New deals offered

Ahmed Kashi's career at The Valley is, however, over: No return

Lee Bowyer has told Roland Duchatelet that he can get rid of five players if he can bring four signings in: Bowyer has four targets

The priority position is a centre forward and a few options are being considered.