Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Australians to release statement

The Australians are to release a statement tomorrow (Wednesday) on the current state of play in the takeover negotiations. Having received this news, James Dutton will no longer withdraw the Jimmy Seed bust from The Valley.

Some better news

Better news as it is revealed that contract negotiations are ongoing with Aribo and Fosu and a price tag of £2m has been put on Patrick Bauer to scare buyers off: New deals offered

Ahmed Kashi's career at The Valley is, however, over: No return

Lee Bowyer has told Roland Duchatelet that he can get rid of five players if he can bring four signings in: Bowyer has four targets

The priority position is a centre forward and a few options are being considered.

Seed bust to be removed from The Valley

Jimmy Seed's grandson is going to The Valley tomorrow to retrieve the bust of his grandfather. It is outside the boardroom when it is supposed to be inside the main entrance where it can be seen by fans.

James Dutton said, 'The family loaned it to the club in happier times, but while this regime seems intent on wrecking the club the bust can come home, and I'll return it when the new owners are in place. It's a small gesture, but one that I hopes make a point.'

Farewell, then, Harry Lennon

Harry Lennon is in advanced talks to sign for Southend United: Lennon

It won't save much off the wage bill, but as far as Roland Duchatelet is concerned, every little helps. Not having a chief executive and other key posts filled also saves money.

Lennon never really established himself in the first team, although he had bad luck with injuries. An Academy product, the 23-year old made 36 appearances for the Addicks in the league and cups, the greatest number in the 2013/14 season. He also had periods out on loan.

Monday, 18 June 2018

No pre-season tour for Charlton

There will be no pre-season tour for Charlton as owner Roland Duchatelet seeks to cut back on expenses. The opening Crown Berger match against Welling has also been put back by a week, although apparently this was at the request of Lee Bowyer: More doubts about takeover viability

Richard Cawley subsequently tweeted, 'Think if we do see any more player exits in the next week or two that it is a pretty sure sign that the takeover is not happening any time soon. Both parties maintaining stance that deal is not off.' It isn't off, but it doesn't seem to be progressing which indicates that there is a major issue to be resolved.

If the Belgian does stay as owner, there will be cutbacks in outgoings which means players and wages. This could mean a relegation battle next year rather than a challenge for promotion.

Blackburn interested in Bauer

Blackburn Rovers are reported to be interested in signing Patrick Bauer: Eyeing swoop

A fee of £500,000 is being talked about which would cover a fortnight's losses.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Muir still targeting takeover

The Evening Standard reported last night, 'Andrew Muir still expects to complete a takeover of Charlton and a source close to the Australian insists the proposed deal has not collapsed.'

Fans watching yesterday's World Cup game between Iran and Morocco were shocked to find that Iain Dowie was co-commentator, offering such pearls of wisdom as 'that wasn't far off target.' Do ITV want the curse of Dowie to descend on their World Cup coverage?