Friday 23 October 2020

Three points hoped for tomorrow

We have only been beaten once by Northampton Town in ten matches since 1964 and that was on the occasion of the disgruntled ex-employees demonstration in Sint Truiden.  So CAS Trust is hoping for three points tomorrow:

Certainly, the likely availability of Marcus Maddison tomorrow has already been noted by the local media.  He would bring an edge to the contest as Peterborough count as local rivals given the distance between teams in that part of the world.   Once Northampton did have local rivals in Rushden and Diamonds who actually played in beautiful down Irthlingborough.  But that comet soon fell out of the sky along with the founder's fortune and the stadium is no more.

Four Four Two says of the Cobblers, 'Their play off opponents couldn't cope with an efficient, attritional style that wasn't in keeping with underwhelming performances prior.'   They forecast a bottom place finish.

Perhaps it's as well that the game is behind closed doors as the contributor of the 'fan file' states: 'The one change I would make is the stadium, because it's absolutely dreadful'.  No one wonder Rushden fans labelled it 'Sickfields'.

Matches that Charlton should win are often the ones they lose, so I have my reservations about tomorrow. Just don't wear any 'kinky boots'.

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