Friday 27 November 2020

Here comes the dentist

Prospective new owner

Cardiff-based specialist dental accountant Craig Freeman is about to buy Lex Dominus off Paul Elliott as a prelude to taking control of Charlton:

He says that he will serve the court order that will give the company full control of Charlton.

A legal friend reckons it is a ploy to get hold of the £500k perceived debt plus interest.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt tweeted: 'Not taking this guy very seriously if he believes Lex Dominus owns Panorama Magic - AFAIK the court order gives it control of ESI, not ESI’s owners (Panorama and Southall).'

The Rickster added: 'Hard to believe any serious party wanting the club would buy into this situation knowing they had to go to law to remove the current owner - and would bring a ton of shit down on their head from fans in the process.'

Barrister Lauren Kreamer stated: 'The latest addition to the cast of characters parroting the line that a court order in the Lex Dominus v Panorama litigation gives Lex Dominus control of Charlton Athletic. That is categorically untrue. It's another distraction.'

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