Wednesday 23 December 2020

Christmas quiz

Like many families we won't be able to meet up in person this Christmas, but we will meet up online and have been enjoying a family video quiz which brings in the family branch now living permanently in Spain.  I thought that I would devise a Charlton Christmas quiz.  

The person who gets most questions right has a choice of prizes.  You can have a free copy of my forthcoming book which states in the opening paragraph: 'I recall catching the Number 53 bus from Plumstead Common at the age of six with my parents, walking with the crowds through Maryon Park and standing on the huge East Terrace at The Valley, the home of Charlton Athletic.'   The cover has Charlton and Millwall Subbuteo figures having an exchange of views.

However, it won't be out until June and you may prefer a choice of a Charlton shirt from the Curbishley era.

Here are the questions:

1. The attendance at Charlton v. Wolves on December 25th 1956 was a disappointing 15,968.  What was the explanation offered at the time?

2. Why did Charlton not play a completed game from 22nd December 1962 to 9th February 1963?

3. Charlton played Plymouth Argyle at The Valley on Boxing Day 1960.  What was the score?

4. There was a home and away format at Christmas time in the 1950s. In which year did Charlton last play a Christmas Day match?   What was the last away fixture played under this format?

5. When was the last home fixture on Christmas Day at The Valley and against which team (the second half was broadcast on radio by the BBC)?

6. Finland is known for its Father Christmas experiences in Lapland (we took the grandchildren when they were little rather than paying mortgages).   I travelled to northern Finland for a summer Charlton friendly when Jonatan Johansson played for us.  What was the city?

7. Which language did JJ customarily speak at home when he was growing up?

8. Trains used to run on Christmas Day, enabling the team to return from an away fixture and there were even restaurant cars.   What were the Charlton team alleged to have done  on one such trip?

9. I was born in early January 1947.   My father went to The Valley for a FA Cup game and then to the hospital at Greenwich where I was born around 7.30 pm. (You can actually see my astrological chart online). Who were Charlton's opponents?

10. My father had supported Charlton since the early 1920s.   In 1972 my parents retired to the town my mother's family had originated from.  Hence I watched the town's non-league team at Christmas with my father at their Bickland Park ground.  The Cornish pasties at half time were superb.   The football wasn't bad either as they won the Rothmans Western League four times in succession from 1974/5.   Name the team.

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  1. That email address doesn't work for me Wyn, maybe it's just me :(

  2. Apologies, I left one letter out, although it worked when I tested it.