Wednesday 22 September 2021

Adkins talks tough

Referring to his decision to drop Jayden Stockley from the starting line up against Gillingham, Nigel Adkins has emphasised he is willing to make the tough calls.   He wants a settled squad and a settled style of playing - although at the moment we have neither: 

When Corey Blackett-Taylor was signed a leader negativist said it was 'scraping the barrel', yet the same negativist praised his performance at Gillingham as the best from a Charlton player this season.   The fickleness of fans never ceases to amaze me.  However, it looks as if his five month contract could be extended:

Charm merchant Gills boss Steve Evans reckons they should have won 3-1, blaming referee Kevin Stroud for failing to award a penalty:

Alex Gilbey has tweeted that the alleged Ben Watson quote by Steve Evans is a lie.

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