Sunday 17 October 2021

Rickster calls for complete clear out

Besieged boss Nigel Adkins has reiterated his desire to stay in charge at Charlton:

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has stated: 'I don’t think Nigel Adkins can continue as manager given the results AND performances, but TS may also need to consider if the whole football set-up he has in place is flawed. I’m not sure a change of manager will be enough.'

Louis Mendez says that fine margins are not enough and that a vital week has started with a whimper.  Any hope of the play offs can be written off:

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  1. Relegation is a real possibiity. Another season at least in L1 the best to be hoped for. Charlton look a poor side, lacking in belief. The owner needs to make a decision where the manager is concerned. It should be dismissal after a dire first quarter of the season. Who to replace Adkins? I wish I knew but Adkins is going nowhere with the team. The signs are not good for the future, already the club is enduring the worst period in its history. L2 is looming. It really could happen.