Thursday 3 February 2022

Jacko's loan dilemmas

Johnnie Jackson explains why loan players Juan Castillo and Nile John have not yet been used in the starting 18.  He also says that Jayden Srockley's injury is a 'slow burner', in other words don't expect to see him any time soon:

Because of EFL rules, the manager faces a juggling act with loan players:

Jacko is not expecting to sign a striker who is a free agent before the end of the season:

It has been confirmed that Chelsea paid £1.6m for Mason Burstow, addons bringing it to £2.2m.  I estimated £2m - £3m for a player who is all about potential, so the figure is a little less than I hoped for.  However, the loan back could well be useful with Jayden Stockley likely to be out for some weeks.

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