Wednesday 4 May 2022

Morts piles in

Paul Mortimer has commented on BBC Radio London: ‘He [TS] wants high pressing?  So, now the chairman is a coach who understands tactics....I don't know why he's talking about tactics. It worries me...He's employing his son who has no football background.’

However, as one fan pointed out in response, if you own a football club is it so unreasonable to have a view about the style of play?

Another commented that Charlton Athletic fans seriously need to take a breather and just let the next few weeks play out before they let their blood pressure reach unhealthy levels.

Supremo Thomas Sandgaard has said that some out-of-contract players will be resigned (if they want to come, of course):

Top of my list would be Conor Washington and I would extend Jake Forster-Caskey's contract for one year.  There is a case for Ben Purrington - Curbs rates him.

My survey on whether Johnnie Jackson should have been sacked is currently running at 47 per cent yes, 53 per cent no.

Louis Mendez gives a weary three takeaways on the season just finished here:

One piece of good news for me, last night my non-league club Leamington retained the Birmingham Senior Cup at Villa Park by beating rivals Stourbridge 3-1.  Unlike Monday's match against Kidderminster, when all available police had to rush to Harbury Lane, the game seems to have passed off without any trouble. 

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