Friday 9 December 2022

Treat buyout rumours with caution

The problem with rumours on social media is that it acts like an echo chamber and the reports gain momentum and get exaggerated.   Current rumours that a takeover of the club is imminent have not been endorsed by any reliable sources.

The one version is that at least plausible is the suggestion that Peter Varney is putting together a consortium.  It is at least consistent with his recent posts on Twitter about the Brighton game.

However, any consortium would need deep pockets.  As well as buying the club, they really need to buy The Valley and the training ground off Roland.  Then they will need to invest in the squad.

I don't buy into the argument that sacking Garner was required by prospective new owners.  Sandgaard has a track record of appointing managers, finding them unsatisfactory and sacking them.

I see that one or two people have floated the idea of a fan takeover again.   Even if fans could raise the purchase price, which I doubt, they could not fund the unavoidable losses.   Remember that the supporters trusts at Portsmouth and Wycombe had to sell out to conventional buyers.  (Read about the Wycombe case here:

Rick Everitt has stated: 'There is more than one takeover in motion for Charlton. Understand TS has been in talks with Americans but a potential problem has been that he has wanted to retain a stake and a role. If anything is in front of EFL it’s likely to be this.

People are aggregating this with the recent tweet of Peter Varney, but that’s not correct. Latter interest is also substantive but not at that stage. Both would look to reunite the ground with the club if they proceed.'

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