Monday 23 October 2017

Roland ready to sell

This article from the Daily Mail does not say anything particular new, other than mentioning a £20m purchase price, and I suppose it will not convince sceptics that serious discussions are taking place with the Australian consortium. Of course, they could yet end in failure, but if this turned out to be the case, it would clear the way for other bidders: Duchatelet ready to sell up

Some of the comments from regime apologists on social media are to be expected, dismissing 'stupid rumours'. However, anyone who believes that 'all is good at our club' as a Facebook comment stated must have an unrivalled capacity for sticking their head in the sand.

One ordinary fan commented 'I support the club, I don't care who the owner is.' But if that owner make a series of poor choices about coaches and players, not to mention the chief executive, and wastes large sums of money in the process, that affects progress on the pitch, leaving to an avoidably long stay in League One.


  1. Isn't that the link from April???. Only just realised when it talks about us being in 16th place in lee league

  2. I think you are right, no wonder it doesn't say anything new!

  3. red bull be perfect would rebrand the club from top to bottom

  4. red bull owner was aparantly seen leaving the valley entrance during last week so i reckon something is going on.Red Bull would redevelop the valley ground like never seen before basically the ground be simular in size to what red bull team out in germany play.They will either do this or altogether move the ground to the 02 area with a 45000 capacity stadium this would probably suit all parties..
    Red bull will be a sucess as they will then pump money into the team gone be the days of cheap players ariving you be looking at 4m players ariving.The ideal candiates for me would be Beckham and Elliott Beckham as i stated last year on a few forums was shown around training ground a couple times with his lawyers seen also.But myself i doubt that going happen.My friend at my old work is best mates with his wife so it may have legs on his comments to me before xmas last year.Roland needs to go and go now so the club can regain all its lost fans back and move forward to a new chapter and that includes his sidekick km.

  5. what is needed

    Keep Robinson he has worked wonders with the team and getting the right attitude on the pitch this is so important
    Bring in a new right back solly is not up to league one standard anymor
    bring in director of football someone like a curbishley or big sam or even lawrence who did wonders last year with newport giving them advise off the pitch.
    Striker someone of Darren Bents class stuck at Derby reserves
    Perhaps a cheeky loan bid for Lookman
    we need at least 10m i think spent on the team maybe 4-6 players added so if we get promoated we can challenge for a prem league spot the foll season just what millwall are doing this campaign.