Monday 30 October 2017

Sunderland fan recalls greatest game

Sunderland fan Gary Burrell recalls the Greatest Game in a recent issue of Four Four Two - and it isn't a pleasant memory.

'I'm an eternal pessimist whenever it comes to watching Sunderland play on the (admittedly rare) big occasion. The 1998 play-off final with Charlton was different, though. With every pre-match pint and splash around the Trafalgar Square fountains, the confidence grew - it was our time.'

'As Michael Gray was shuffling sheepishly towards the penalty spot at 7-6 to Charlton in the shootout, I immediately started to sober up. The team's made me miserable for years. Why did I think it would be any different today?'.

'After several silent pints in the pub, we trudged back towards the Underground, walking past the scene of the crime just as the Charlton players were getting on their team bus. I shouted incoherent, drunken abuse at both Mendonca and Alan Curbishley, which was by far the most mature and sensible approach. I bet that really took the edge off their celebrations later on.'

'"At least you got to witness a play-off final classic," I have been told. I had the consolation of seeing one of Wembley's greatest games. Those words still irritate.'


  1. spoke with michael gray when went on the football championship show ch5 last year nice bloke knows his football said i think clive working for nissan in sunderland these days

  2. Yes, Clive is work at Nissan, he came to the Legends game between two night shifts.