Friday 22 January 2021

Bowyer says Doughty made right choice of new club

Lee Bowyer is still looking for two or three additions to the squad before the transfer window closes:

Bowyer confirmed that Alfie Doughty has joined Stoke City, praises his attitude and thinks that he made the right decision in staying in England.   The offer of a bespoke kilt and a translator from Celtic were not enough to tempt him north of the border.

It is clear that Joel Randall is out of the frame.  Exeter were determined to stick to their valuation with 18 months left on his contract.  He may well be a star of the future, but £1m is a lot for someone whose main experience outside League Two has been six months at Tiverton Town.


  1. bowyer has 2 games starting saturday safe his job i m hereing kenny jackett being lined up as a possible replacement

  2. God help us if that is the case.

  3. Does Mr.Bowyer look worried !