Thursday 11 March 2021

Top rank lawyer joins board

The ability of Charlton fans to complain about anything is legendary.   Complaints about some performances on the pitch are understandable, but I must say I was surprised to see some fans complaining on social media about the appointment of a top ranking lawyer to the Charlton board:

Rifkind works for Freshfields, one of the top London lawyers, and has extensive legal experience in the United States as well.  With Roland still having a stake in the club and various sharks (shurely businessmen of the highest probity, ed) lurking in the background there is surely value in having a first class lawyer on tap.

Admittedly London lawyers don't come cheap, but presumably Thomas Sandgaard can (and has) footed the bill.   I sometimes wonder whether I pay more to my lawyer or my dentist in a given year!

Desmond from Deal comments: 'If this smart**** lawyer is there to show Bowyer the door, he will be worth his weight in gold.'

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