Monday 1 March 2021

Who will make the trip to Wigan Pier?

Albie Morgan has not been in the squad for the last three Charlton matches and it's not because he has been injured.   Once again he appears to be out of favour with the somewhat mercurial supremo who says he is 'still learning his game':

I have to say that I am never quite sure what to make of Morgan who sometimes looks quite good and at other times makes little impact.   It may be that his contemporary George Lapslie was the better player.

It is still uncertain whether Akin Famewo will make the journey to Wigan Pier tomorrow.  Bowyer is waiting for the medics.   

Charlton are to appeal the red card for Chuks Aneke, while Bowyer has defended Darren Pratley:

Curbs thought that we should appeal the Aneke red card, but the pundits on The Football League Show thought it was justified.  Personally I doubt whether the appeal will succeed, although I think the referee had a mare (but according to him his worst game changing mistake was down to the linesman).  I was wrong: the red card has been overturned.

As for Pratley, he is committed, but the problem is that he is too committed for the modern game.  One might also argue that commitment is a substitute for skill.

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