Saturday 3 April 2021

Pardew recalls being Charlton manager

The latest Four Four Two has a question and answer session with Alan Pardew.   One question was, 'What happened during your spell at Charlton when you were relegated from the Premier League?'

The managerial maestro replied: ''I think we had about 10 points when I was appointed at Christmas, so I'd taken on a tough scenario and thought I'd done really well.  We lost Darren Bent to injury which was a massive blow, but we beat West Ham 4-0 in February and I thought we would get out of it.'

'Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy the dynamics of going down at all.  I was promised certain things that didn't happen, we ended up selling the best players, and then halfway through the season we sold Andy Reid, my captain.  I was distraught about that one.  When they sold him, there was going to be only one outcome for me, and that was to leave.  It was a shame.'

Fans may recall that Pardew left after a 2-5 home defeat by Sheffield United.  At the time I noted: 'As Pardew left the pitch after the defeat he directed an ironic wave at the booing Covered End. That said it all really, along with his attempt in his programme notes to blame the negativity of the fans for recent poor performances.

Before the end of the game the Covered End had been chanting 'We Want Our Charlton Back'. After the match some two hundred or so fans made their way to the West Stand where they chanted 'Charlton till I die' and 'We want our Charlton back'. Reports suggested that an emergency board meeting had been convened and one rumour said that Keith Peacock was present.'

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