Thursday 30 December 2021

Crouch and Parry get involved in women's team row

Ramsgate: Rick Everitt reports that Voice of The Valley has learned that former sports minister and chair of the fan-led football governance review Tracey Crouch MP has spoken with Thomas Sandgaard about his intention to change the name of the women’s team.

One of her review’s recommendations was that club owners should not be able to change club names unilaterally.  [I thought that was intended to apply to the main team name, e.g., changing Charlton Athletic to Greenwich Royals].

We have also been told that EFL chair Rick Parry has been involved in discussions with Sandgaard on the move, which has been opposed by the female players, CAS Trust and members of the fans’ forum, including the fans’ adviser appointed by the owner himself.

For some fans this is a storm in a teacup, for others a matter of principle.   I still don’t really understand what Sandgaard thought the benefits of a name change would be, all it has done is stirred up a needless controversy.

Sandgaard has made it clear that it is 'full steam ahead' with the name change despite 'some noise from the side'.  However, the Comms Department have been rapped over the knuckles for handling the news in a 'clumsy' manner:

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