Sunday 19 December 2021

Inniss wasn't meant to come, let alone start

Johnnie Jackson has said of the Plymouth game: 'It wasn’t even my intention to bring Inniss with us. He was going to stay behind and play for the u23s but losing Akin, losing Deji to an injury as well, I felt like I needed to bring him along.'

Louis Mendez of the SLP commented: 'Inniss was nowhere near ready to start, he wasn't even supposed to be on the bench but injury to Deji and Akin being out forced Jacko's hand.'

Mendez added, 'We badly missed Purrington at LWB yesterday. We're so lopsided going forward when he's required to sit in the back-three. Put everything on DJ and he was snuffed out fairly comfortably after the opening 20 mins or so. I want to see The Cat on the prowl.'

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