Friday 29 April 2022

The search for a few positives from the season

The game against Ipswich could have been a crunch one instead of the last gasp of a disappointing season.  CAS Trust try to look for positives from the season, and there are a few, but it is a thin list open to challenge:

Incidentally my West Sussex Badger League forecast was of a 4th place finish which shows how much I know!   In the predictions table I am heading for mid-table mediocrity just like the club.

In some ways the mobility constraints that have prevented me from me getting to The Valley have had their positive side.   I see a consultant on May 3rd, although I am not expecting much to happen any time soon.

It has been a more competitive league than many acknowledge and, if anything, it looks more competitive next season.

Can Thomas Sandgaard and his acolytes deliver the goods?   People whose judgment I respect and know more about the club than I do have their doubts.  However, some of the vitriol directed at him has been very unfair.   At worst he is guilty of naivety about football.   His account of what went wrong at the club is open to question.

If you are a Charlton fan, it is a roller coaster ride often heading downwards.   As they say, it's the hope that kills you.

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