Thursday, 4 May 2017

Meire apologises if she has upset fans

In a question and answer session with the CAS Trust Katrien Meire has apologised if she has upset fans. She also stated that the toxic nature of the club made it difficult to attract players. Other answers dealt with the Jimmy Seed stand: Katrien Meire


  1. Wyn, at school many moons ago I was told to apologise to a teacher for alleged insolence, or take a detention. So I said to the teacher, with complete insincerity, 'if I was insolent I apologise'. Shouldn't begrudge these things I know, but you'd think there was enough evidence to suggest that fans have indeed been a tad miffed.

  2. Indeed, but I suppose it's a small advance on 'Je regrette rien.'

  3. At face value the response of Katrina is humble and her answers about what the club are doing are entirely reasonable. She has admitted mistakes. It is not her job to sack herself that is owners prerogative. She must be under severe stress from all the abuse so I commend her on her resilience. If we want success for the club it is time to cut the club some slack. They are committing to significantly boosting the squad the manage knows what he is doing. The owner is funding the club to a level never seen before. His ego got the better of him to begin with but now the club is on the right track. Let's allow those who want to support the club positively do so without the aggression surrounding the protests. Time for conciliation not conflict.
    Independent Addick