Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Robinson: 'I do my business in a very private way'

Robinson is upset that Ben Reeves' agent has revealed that there have been talks about a move for the 25-year old attacking midfielder to Charlton. He is a free agent after having been let go by MK Dons: Private transfer talks

I suppose one has to expect that managers will want to hire players they have worked with in the past.

One person commented on Twitter, 'For an experienced manager Robinson sometimes seems exceptionally naïve.

Reeves started his career at Southampton: Career details


  1. Wyn, now this guy that says he does his business "in a very private way", is he the same one who said that there were two players at the game at The Valley which we hope to do deals for soon?

  2. Perhaps it would be too much to expect consistency in any utterances emerging from contemporary Charlton.