Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The waiting game

Other League One clubs have made signings, but, despite early optimism there has been no activity at Charlton. However, Karl Robinson has got his big book of excuses out to explain why nothing has been happening, the FA cup final being named as one culprit.

The way things are going it doesn't look as much will happen until after Robinson returns from his summer break, by which time some of the best prospects may have gone elsewhere: The waiting game


  1. Wyn, he really is the master of gobbledygook. “I expected to get one or two done early but what people need to understand is ....". No Karl, you expected to get deals done early, there have been no early deals, ergo you need to understand ....

  2. Charlton always sign on last day so I expect the same happen we need get this lazy fucker watt of our wage bill and fast