Saturday 9 September 2017

Cracker of a game expected against Wigan

Charlton chief Karl Robinson is expecting fireworks on the pitch when Wigan Athletic visit on Tuesday: Boss knows exactly what to expect

He regards them as one of the most well-resourced teams in the league, so evidently he has been looking at the index in his book of excuses under the heading 'Moneybags'.

It is concerning that both Ahmed Kashi and Chris Solly need assessing before Tuesday because of long-term injuries. Kashi in particular has been key to Charlton's revival this season. Solly was Karl Robinson's man of the match on Saturday.

I failed to make the game yesterday. Having bought a ticket and got on the platform, we were then told that Virgin Pendolino services were disrupted because of unexplained problems in the Birmingham area. I suppose I have the consolation that my money (apx. £40 when you add in £5 parking) will go towards the restoration fund for Richard Branson's hurricane hit island. Next time I should go with Deutsche Bahn from Leamington.

I will be using them on Tuesday, as I am planning a day of activities in London. Katrien's alma mater, UCL, is giving me some hassle. I have done work for them for several years and I do have associate fellow status, but they have now decided I may be masquerading as a British citizen. The fact that I was born in Greenwich cuts no ice, indeed it has led to suspicions that I was born on board a ship. So I have to turn up in person with my passport.

I decided to take in the curry night before the match, but despite assurances that my ticket would be popped in the post when I booked last week, it has not arrived.


  1. I had a word with Katrien about your missing ticket. She said not to worry if it doesn't turn up, you can always go to a different football match instead. In fact Dulwich are at home that night, so as she said that's you sorted!


    Luv Robin

  2. They have probably barred me when they found out who I was!