Saturday 16 September 2017

Supremo blames inexperienced subs bench

Shell shocked Charlton supremo Karl Robinson has claimed that an inexperienced subs bench contributed to Charlton's defeat at Gillingham yesterday with those who came on failing to make an impact. The continued unavailability of Marshall and Reeves is constraining him: Shouldn't have lost

Any club is going to have some injuries at some point in time and as the season goes on there will be suspensions, Ricky Holmes being the first of those, although he was unfortunate to be the victim of a wrong decision by a referee still adjusting to a lack of methane and Earth gravity after being brought in from Titan.

The simple fact of the matter is that what Robinson likes to call a 'streamlined' squad is too thin and lacking in depth. There is a limit to what you can ask developing youngsters to do, however potentially talented they may be. The blame for the thinness of the squad ultimately lies with Roland who hopes to get promotion on the cheap.


  1. this situation was always coming,we have some of the most skilful players in this division,teams have now found a way to stop us.kashi,is now in the back line most of the game,surely a man of his ability should be playing defence splitting passes rather than playing square all the time.We have quick forwards,get the ball through,get the crosses in early,before teams can organise,and the goals will come.

  2. Karl needs a plan B. Sadly there seems to be a complete absence of Plan B's in all aspects of life these days. In fact it's quite fashionable not to have one at all. Even our former PM "Call me Dave" didn't have a Plan B when he decided to have a referendum and look where we are now !