Monday 25 September 2017

Magennis confident he can do the business

Josh Magennis is confident he can do the business for Charlton this season and perhaps score 20 goals for the first time: Likes proving people wrong

Magennis implies that Charlton did not need to bring in another sure fire striker. However, the argument for that was not that Magennis was not good enough, but that he could not be expected to do it all on his own. If he gets injured, we are in trouble and in any case we will lose him occasionally for international duty.

Joe Dodoo does his best, but he is not really a reliable League One striker. The real issue was whether Roland was prepare to loosen the purse strings as part of a serious bid for promotion rather 'let's see if we can get lucky and do it on the cheap.'

I don't blame Karl Robinson for this, although it does show the limits of his effective working relationship with Katrien Meire. He should also avoid raising expectations by cutting out some of the hyperbole, no wonder some fans are calling him 'Gobby'. The attendance was under 10,000 on Saturday, even with the chance to get in for £5 if you could claim an affiliation with Greenwich University.

There are whispers about possible Chinese interest in the club. Many years ago I did an April Fool's Day spoof on a Chinese takeover. It could become a reality.

Elsewhere, Roy Hodgson has unveiled a cunning plan to prepare Crystal Palace for their game against Manchester United: a closed doors friendly with Bromley. Shouldn't trouble Bromley.

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  1. Yes indeed Gobbo the "I love the media man" Very appropriate indeed