Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Charlton lose unbeaten home record

It’s an unchanged side for Charlton here at The Valley tonight with Ben Hamer pronounced fit reports Paul May.  With Wyn Grant kept in Warwickshire by work commitments, yours truly will provide the report from a cold SE7.   Word came through on Twitter on some Addicks stuck on the M25.

On five minutes Wordsworth hammered the ball beyond Hamer into the top corner to make it 0-1.  It was some goal: Hamer could not have stopped it.

Colchester won a corner, Charlton eventually got it out of the danger area.   The Addicks were rocking a bit defensively. 

Green put in a cross, the shot from Wright-Phillips looked as if it might head for the bottom corner, but it took a deflection for a corner.   Following a throw in, Stephens put in an effort which went over, a corner being awarded for a deflection.   Jackson’s corner was claimed by the highly rated U’s keeper.

Green shot after a move started by Solly.   The U’s were able to clear.   Solly turned provider for Jackson with an excellent pass and the skipper put in a rasping drive but it hit the bar.

Solly prepared to put in a shot, but the ball was taken off him.   Nevertheless, Charlton were starting to apply some pressure.    Wiggins floated the ball in after a delicious pass by Stephens, but no one was able to connect even though there were five Charlton players in the area.

Wiggins put in a superb ball to Hollands which flashed across the goal.  The resultant corner was cleared by the U’s and Gillespie pushed Solly leading to a Charlton free kick.

Green fed Kermorgant and the ball took a deflection for another corner.   Jackson’s corner was punched clear by the keeper.

Wiggins was furious when he was caught and didn’t get a free kick.   Stephens over hit a ball, reflecting a lack of quality in the final third from Charlton.   There were a number of errors, misplaced passes and poor ball control.   Chris Powell did not look too happy.

Wiggins was caught again and this time a free kick was awarded, leading to a falling out between two of the U’s players.  Word came through that Paul Hayes had scored at Wycombe. 

Hamer released Wiggins with a great kick, the left back advanced but Wright-Phillips put the ball wide amid a ruck of players.

Hollands showed good pace and put in a deep cross, Jackson headed it back across ball and Wright-Phillips could not get the angle right and put the ball wide.

Wright-Phillips went down in the box but no penalty was awarded. 

Half time: Addicks 0, U’s 1

Jackson put in a good ball, Kermorgant swung his left foot at it, it took a deflection and Charlton won their fifth corner.   The keeper flapped at it, but the referee awarded a goal kick.  Kermorgant argued the point with the referee.

Wright-Phillips put in a shot, but the keeper made a good save.   Solly put a good ball in, but Jackson put it straight at the keeper who started to time waste.

Wiggins was fouled by Wordsworth.   Kermorgant could not get enough on the header off Jackson’s free kick.   Cynical play acting by Gillespie tried to get a free kick off Morrison.

Hamer dealt well with a Colchester free kick.    Hollands won the ball and Wiggins earned a corner.   Green’s corner was a decent one and it led to a second.   Jackson’s corner won another one.   Stephens made an effort, there were appeals for handball.    The Charlton pressure was raising the spirits of the Addickted.

Izzet got a yellow card.   Jackson floated a decent ball in, but Kermorgant conceded a free kick for hand ball as he slipped at the vital moment.   The game went a bit quiet after fifteen minutes of pressure from Charlton.

Izzet  went down and stayed down, play continued, Green put in a cross, the ball went into the net from Kermorgant, but it didn’t count. 

Gillespie put in a shot but Hamer saved.   Charlton needed to up the tempo.  Rowlands fouled Hollands and a yellow card was awarded to Gillespie for kicking the ball away.   Wordsworth put in a horrible tackle on Green and received a yellow card.  The keeper got to Jackson’s free kick. 

Kermorgant flicked on the ball to Wright-Phillips, but it was defended, although the Addickted thought it was a foul.   The U’s doubled their lead through Gillespie.  Hamer tried to control the ball and took an extra touch.  Hamer was distraught.   The Addickted tried to keep their spirits up by chanting ‘We are top of the league.’ 

Green was taken off for Haynes.   A Colchester player dived at Wiggins and got away with it.    Jackson looked as if he was struggling.   Odejayi  got round Wiggins and won a corner off Morrison.  The corner was taken short and the shot was poor.

Haynes turned well and won the ninth corner for Charlton.   Izzet came very close to scoring an own goal at the Covered End.   The corner from Stephens was decent enough but was ultimately unproductive.   Clarke came on.   Morrison was booked, I was no quite clear why.  Dale Stephens shot but it was just over the top.

Haynes was fouled but the Colchester player went down.   The keeper punched the free kick clear.  A volley by Kermorgant was charged down.   The corner was headed clear.   Gillespie was substituted and took his time coming over from the East Stand side.

Four minutes were added on.    Solly put a good ball in, Haynes claimed a penalty.    Hamer had to deal with a back pass.   An effort from Kermorgant went straight at the keeper.
So Charlton lost their record of being unbeaten at home this season.   However, Sheffield United lost 3-2 at Walsall so Charlton's points lead was unchanged, although the Massives beat Bury 4-1.

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