Thursday, 8 March 2012

Now that the dust has settled

Now that the dust has settled from Tuesday's defeat by Colchester United, we can take a calmer view of the situation.  Essentially we lost because of a superb early goal and a mistake by Hamer.  These things happen.   Sooner or later we were going to suffer a home defeat and it was likely to come in a midweek fixture with a low attendance.

Reaction among fans has been measured.   Earlier in the season it would have been 'we can kiss goodbye to any hope of promotion', 'I've seen this coming' and 'Powell's inexperience is showing through'.

One line of criticism has been that our football has been effective rather than scintillating.   I will settle for effective if it gets us out of this division.  We are up against physical, negative teams with little protection from officials.   And we do have a League 1 side which we will need to rebuld following promotion.

Midfield does concern me.   Green needs to do more than provide a few good crosses.  Stephens is effective enough, but rarely sets up an attack.   Sometimes I wonder if Hughes would add a bit more grit.

A Burnley fan told me last night that he was looking forward to playing us next season.  He noted that whenever Charlton lost or drew a match, they went on to win the next three.  Let's hope he's right.


  1. Good post, Wyn.

    I was dreading the response after the game as there really is some very negative Addicks out there, but like you, I've noticed a far more sensible outlook, which is pleasing. The players and management deserve that. Only one observation that I have is Powell should have given the subs longer to potentially change the game, particulary Haynes.

    Personally, I take the view that even in defeat we've moved a step closer to promotion.

  2. With there being so few supporters at the Valley on a cold evening, I believe it was only the people who really, really wanted to be there who showed up.

    The floating glory boys, who expect success as a condition of buying their tickets, were very likely at home watching television.

    At the end of the game, I believe the crowd recognised the team had made chances but things just hadn't gone for them at all.
    I didn't hear a single boo and the crocodile of Addicks walking up towards Charlton station were fairly upbeat despite the setback.

    Most of us just seemed to be looking forward to the chance to put things right at the weekend.

    It was all very different from the air of menace and despondency walking the same route after night time defeats last season.