Saturday, 31 March 2012

Jubilee line spur to be built to Valley

Both of the leading candidates in the London mayoral election have given a commitment to build a spur from the Jubilee Line at North Greenwich to The Valley.   The spur would depart from the third platform at the tube station and there would be an intermediate station at Sainsbury's Greenwich Peninsula which would be funded by the supermarket chain.

The station at The Valley would be under the West Stand car park, but there would be an escalator leading to an entrance by the East Stand in Harvey Gardens.   During the construction phase there would be only limited use of the car park.   A stabling siding would be built under the pitch, but given its depth, there would be no effect on the pitch itself.

Club development officer Rick Everitt commented, 'This scheme can only be of benefit to the club.  What is more it will be a big boost to the regeneration of Lower Charlton.'   Valley Express coaches would park at the Dome with passengers completing their journey by train.

The service would not be affected by the frequent disruption experienced on the Jubilee Line as the service would be self-contained, although there would be a limited number of trains to and from Willesden Green on match days.

Asked how fans could complete their journey if the main Jubilee Line was not operating because of a signal failure at Canary Wharf or a failed train at Bermondsey, a Tfl spokesperson said that replacement bus services would be available.

Boris Johnson (right) has said that the scheme would ease traffic congestion in the area.


  1. I heard that Virgin trains would be competing for passengers on this route by offering discounts to CAFC season ticket holders..

  2. This isn't an April Fool by any chance?