Thursday, 6 October 2016

Club senior management to meet CARD

Senior management at Charlton have offered to meet the Campaign Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD) next week. They appear to be concerned about the resumption of what they call 'disruptive' match day protests: Meeting

CARD has given a vigorous response to the media leaked request.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail is the latest media outlet to ask why the club is in such a mess: Protesting fans

A first rate post by the Blackheath Addick summarises some of the logical dilemmas associated with this offer, the most fundamental being that the whole purpose of CARD is to get Roland to sell up which is unlikely to be announced at such a meeting. The Blackheath Addick asks whether it is another PR stunt or a genuine attempt at constructive engagement and decides that it is more likely to be the former: Cynical or genuine?

I do think it shows that the regime are rattled.


  1. CARD owe to the fans to send reps to this meeting

  2. Delighted to see the robust CARD rebuttal on Charlton Life.

  3. I fully support CARD's response. Its well judged and brilliantly written. Carry On CARD. If the Regime really wanted dialogue, they would have started long ago.

  4. As long as Roland Duchatelet owns the club there may at some point be no alternative other than to meet with him or his representative. But that representative cannot be Miere, and any such meeting should only take place after she has left the club. Luv Robin

  5. Owners not moving
    CARD are protesting
    Team is not performing
    Just trying to see who's the winner here? I can't see one