Sunday, 16 October 2016

North Korean flag incident

Like many fans I saw the North Korean flag displayed at The Valley yesterday. This report suggests that after the game a young fan with the flag was pushed against the wall by security guards who carried no ID: Incident

Video from Coventry of the protests: Sky Blues perspective

Midfielder Andrew Crofts admits that he has never encountered flying pigs at a game before: New experience


  1. Like many others I saw the young lad being manhandled by security guys dressed in black outside the West Stand, with no identifying badges. One of them had their hand round the lad's neck. I couldn't see what led to this, but why is the club hiring private security firm in the first place- I haven't seen any violent incidents at all by CARD or anti- duchatelet protesters.
    Hard to draw any conclusions except that the distance between club and supporters is growing, and poor management decisions by KM et al, this time about inappropriate security personnel, is seriously harming CAFC.

  2. I'm friends with someone whos in management at a security firm he says if the thugs on sat had no sia licenece which clearly they haven't the person who was assaulted by them on sat could make a formal complaint to the police and even have the guards done for gbh