Friday, 14 October 2016

Rubbish skips and ice baths

In his new book Game Changers Alan Curbishley recalls of Charlton, 'We were a Premier League club but we were a small Premier League club and didn't have the money and resources of other, more glamorous clubs.'

This proved a challenge when new head of medical, Wayne Diesel (praised in glowing terms by Curbs) wanted to introduce ice baths. 'We didn't actually have any baths that we could fill with ice, so Wayne improvised using large refuse skips we had at the training ground.'

Then the players had to be persuaded to jump in. 'I knew that if Paolo [di Canio] jumped in the others would follow because of who he was.' It all had to be explained to di Canio, but then he got in and the other players followed.

Curbs recalls that 'Wayne definitely had an influence at the club and the way in which the players were looked after, streamlining the medical and sports science departments.'

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