Monday 20 November 2017

Forster-Caskey sees the positives

Jake Forster-Caskey reckons that if Charlton continue to play the way they did against MK Dons on Saturday they will secure many more victories. He points out that the Addicks have now gone eight games unbeaten: Banking wins

He says that he was close to the penalty incident and no way was it a penalty.


  1. Yes,some fine play,but how many times must we dominate games without scoring,how many goals from open play in those eight games,Also defence looked well suspect in the air without Patrick.

    1. Ray, Exactly well said and yes so many missed chances, but I suppose the worry is if we they do not create chances, but yes always problems putting the game to bed and this was the case before the controversial officials decisions and especially the outragious penalty decision.
      Why on earth did Kashi stick his leg out and the ball going away from the opponent