Saturday 26 February 2022

Charlton's Truman show continues

For the third match in a row Charlton failed to score at Hillsborough this afternoon and went down 2-0 for another defeat.  Louis Mendez thinks it's the first time we've lost five games on the spin outside the top two divisions. 

Charlton had to defend an early corner on a poor pitch at Hillsborough, but a quality ball was well defended.   The Addicks had to cope with early pressure and couldn't get out of their own half while Wednesday won a series of corners.

Charlton didn't want to concede an early goal but it came after five minutes from a free kick leading to a header from Byers to make it 1-0.  It was a poor goal to concede.

Charlton won their first corner of the afternoon after work by Gilbey.   However, it just led to a Wednesday corner at the other end as they flooded forward.   Charlton counter attacked which ended in a throw in near the corner flag.

Lavelle had to head a Johnson cross clear.   Charlton remained on the back foot, chasing shadows. 

Dobson covered well as the home team threatened after Charlton gave the ball away.   Nevertheless, the Addicks were starting to grow into the game a little more and asked more questions, in particular a ball in from Morgan.

Matthews went down and had to receive treatment, but he came back on.

The team did not seem to communicate well as Bannon threatened.   Matthews was down on the floor again.  DJ replaced him with half an hour gone.

Burstow was being well marshalled by Hutchinson and Storey.

Wednesday won a corner after Hunt put in a good cross.  The corner was taken quickly, but Johnson's strike took a deflection leading to a second corner which ended in a goal kick.

Curbs said that we could not get enough attacking possession in the final third to get anything going.

Gilbey did well to win a free kick for Charlton, Palmer receiving a yellow card.  Charlton loaded the box, but the free kick was headed away by Storey and eventually the offside flag went up.

The ball behind DJ found Johnson whose cross found Paterson to make it 2-0.   Curbs said it was very similar to the ball played inside Matthews midweek.  In the final third teams were trying to thread balls through us.     Steve Brown said we could have made it much harder for Wednesday.   It put them in cruise control.   Charlton didn't keep the ball well enough, you can't put yourself under pressure time and time again.   What no one wanted to see was people not trying or a lack of belief.

Curbs said it was just repeat after repeat.   They kicked off and spun us around.  We were on the back foot from the fifth minute.   Sankofa said that the early clearances lacked quality.   Panic started to set in.  Scott Minto said it was a question of basic defending.  Curbs said it never looked as if were going to score a goal.

HT: 2-0

Jayden Stockley replaced Albie Morgan.  DJ was booked for a challenge on Johnson who had to receive treatment on the ground.

A shot from Burstow was straight at the keeper.    The 1,100 Addicks started a chorus of Valley Floyd Road.

Stockley had to head away a home corner.   Leko came on in place of Burstow.

Wednesday got close to a third, but a Gunter block saw the ball go over the bar at the expense of a corner.

Gilbey came off and Fraser came on, Matthews having been a concussion substitution.   A decent Lee free kick ended with a save, but in any case the referee saw an infringement.

Steve Brown said that despite the substitutions we were still struggling.   It hadn't made any difference to shots on and off target.

Dobson cleared a free kick at the expense of a corner.   Purrington received a yellow card for handball.

Storey got booked for a foul on Leko.  

Charlton won a corner taken by Lee but it ended in a free kick for Wednesday.  

Charlton won another corner, but the keeper claimed the ball.

Five minutes were added on.  Charlton won a corner, but it ended in a throw in.   MacGillivray had to make a save.

Wednesday had just two attempts on target, but they scored from them.   Steve Brown said that we were going behind to goals that were far too easy to give away.

Curbs said that the start was important.   It was so poor, it didn't look as if we were ready for it.  Stockley did us give a bit of presence and gave the players a lift.   We can't keep a clean sheet and it doesn't look as if we can score a goal.   Teams have been turning us around and putting us under pressure.   Sankofa said he thought there was a slight improvement in the second half, but it felt very flat towards the end.   Wednesday would have been smelling blood at the start of the game and we did nothing to disappoint them.   If you had to pick a man of the match for Charlton, you would be struggling.   The manager had a big week ahead.

Jacko: 'There's a lack of confidence among the group'

Johnnie Jackson said: 'Disappointing.  They got ahead early which we wanted to avoid.  It was completely against what the plan was.   I don't think we did nearly enough to get back in the game.  I don't think we played the conditions smartly at all.  We got what we deserved.  It was a terrible start.  There's a lack of confidence among the group and going behind that early in the game is not going to help.  Stockley coming on is a positive, he's back now.   Even then we didn't play smart enough.  We didn't test their goalkeeper nearly enough.'   Scott Minto asked if we had enough players with character for a club the size of Charlton. 'I think we'll find out in the next few weeks, they're all playing for their futures.  If they want to be a part of it, they need to show more than they're showing now.'  Asked about a relegation scrap, Jacko said he was worried we were not winning games.   'We've got a clear week to work, we've missed Jayden, an opportunity to do some work with him around.  It's an important week.'

Fuller comments from the shell shocked supremo here:

Charlton remain 16th, but are now eight points above the first relegation position.

Friday 25 February 2022

Jacko's toughest spell as manager

Shell shocked supremo Johnnie Jackson admits that this has been his toughest period as Charlton manager, but sees some positives:

The CAS Trust preview of today's game against the Massives contemplates the prospect of going up north without any strikers, although there is a possibility that Jayden Stockley (and Scott Fraser) may be on the bench:

Less good news is that Ryan Inniss has been sidelined by a fresh thigh injury:

Massive loss looms

Richard Cawley reviews the various challenges facing Charlton as they seek to avoid a worst ever league finish:

The 0-0 home draw against Sheffield Wednesday at the beginning of the season was seen as a creditable result and it was.   However on Saturday a depleted Charlton face an on form Massives side at Hillsborough with Wednesday chasing a play off place.

The one piece of good news is that Mason Burstow looks as if he might be available.  It was severe cramp rather than a hamstring that felled him on Tuesday.

I agree with the diagnosis of the Burgundy (formerly Blackheath) Addick that a 4-5-1 would be the best formation on Saturday.   As a minimum we have to try and keep a clean sheet, although MacGillivray in goal has been disappointing.

At home the Massives have won nine, drawn four and lost two but they are hardly prolific goal scorers,

The same keyboard warriors who were calling for Johnnie Jackson's immediate appointment are now calling for his dismissal.   I had more reservations than many about Jackson's appointment as I thought that he was as much part of the problem as part of the solution, particularly as he was in charge of defensive coaching.

I am also rather sceptical of the argument that the manager should have a Charlton background.   There would be benefit in an outsider who could take a long hard look at everything - if he was given the autonomy and authority to do so, which is a big if.

Nevertheless, Jackson proved himself in his caretaker spell.   Unfortunately once the players had got their desired outcome, performances dropped.

In the recent past we have changed managers every seven and a half months.   This is not a formula for success.   Jackson at least needs a pre-season and a chance to bring in the players he would like - if he is allowed to.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Outplayed again

Charlton were once again outplayed by a better quality side at home tonight, losing 0-2 to MK Dons for a fourth straight defeat.  The Dons played a patient, possession game waiting for their opportunities to score.  Charlton were unable to create anything without a shot on target.

It was a low tempo start.  An early cross from Leko was far too heavy.

MK Dons got a ball through, but MacGillivray came out to save.

The ball went across the six yard box, but no Charlton player was able to connect.

Charlton won the first corner on 23 minutes after a good run by Matthews.  Lavelle's header was wide.

MK Dons broke and Morgan had to make a block at the expense of a corner.

A Castillo volley took a deflection for a Charlton corner.

Twine threatened, but Famewo did well to recover.

MK Dons had been looking more lively after their laborious start and Watson gave the visitors the lead on 40 minutes after a great assist by Coventry.   It was not well defended, Matthews should have been more alert.   It was the only shot on target by either side.

Curbs said it was an even first half, but when we got into the final third he was waiting for something to happen and when they were in the final third he was worried.  'We don't look as if we can open them up at the moment.'

HT: 0-1

Famewo gave away a free kick in a dangerous position in the first minute, but Twine's effort went wide.

Castillo had to concede a corner.   Gilbey made an important header over the bar off the line at the expense of a second corner.

Following a corner won by Matthews, Burstow was not able to take advantage of a cross at pace from Morgan.

MK Dons had a spell of possession.   We gave the ball away in midfield, MacGillivray saved a shot, but Kessler-Hayden pounced to make it 0-2 on 58 minutes.

On 62 minutes DJ replaced Leko who had contributed very little.

Burstow went off with what looked like a hamstring injury and Lee came on.

Gilbey got the first booking of the evening for a challenge.

Dobson was replaced by Campbell on 87 minutes.

Curbs said he thought we were better than what we were showing at the moment.  Jake Forster-Caskey said that we had had a tough run of fixtures with an injury hit side.

Scott Minto said that George Dobson was superb in terms of work rate and effort.

Charlton remain 16th and nine points clear of the relegation zone, the games involving teams below us generally going our way.

Johnnie Jackson doesn't think the formation was the reason for Charlton's defeat:

Jayden Stockley is back in light training, Chuks Aneke is a long term injury.   Conor Washington is likely to be the first back, but not in time for Saturday.

Pall of gloom hangs over Valley

Charlton fans have a reputation for being negative and pessimistic, but they may feel it is justified at the moment.   Tonight they face an on form MK Dons at The Valley with both attacking and defensive worries.

All three forwards are out, so one might as well let Mason Burstow lead the line.  He showed some attacking intent after he came on against Oxford on Saturday.   The fact that he is leaving in the summer does not mean that he will not do his best for us.

With Sean Clare suspended and Ryan Inniss unlikely to play, recent defensive weaknesses are likely to be compounded.   Jason Pearce may well return, but he lacks pace.  Chris Gunter may feature, although he has been out of favour.  

MK Dons are third in the table and third in the form table (where Charlton are 10th).  Away from home they have won nine, drawn five and lost only three, scoring 33 goals.

The Franchisees beat Sunderland 2-1 away on Saturday.   Admittedly, Blunderland are third from bottom in the form table, but the victory margin could have been bigger but for some heroics by their keeper.  MK were particularly threatening on the break which is where Charlton's defence is often exposed.

Fans who assert this is the worst Charlton team ever were clearly not watching football in the 1970s or even the 1950s.  Players are far fitter, pitches are better and there is proper coaching.   Comparisons of table positions are invalid because League One has far stronger teams than the old third division.

Unfortunately it looks like a defeat tonight.

Monday 21 February 2022

Jacko: give me height

Johnnie Jackson wants to add taller players to Charlton's squad in the summer transfer window:

He thinks that Charlton are missing the aerial ability of Jayden Stockley and Chuks Aneke.  Doubtless so, but the article does point out that all Oxford's goals on Saturday were scored from low strikes.

Meanwhile, perhaps some of the team could be put on stilts?   Many fans would accept short players who put in a shift.

Jacko thinks that Sean Clare was a 'little unlucky' to be sent off on Saturday, but accepts that the red card can't be appealed:

Fake news about Sandgaard's company

Reports about difficulties at Thomas Sandgaard's company have no foundation.   An International Addick has stated: 'Seen some reports on the "unofficial" page that TS company Zynex is in trouble due to losing its biggest contract, I actually am a shareholder and get all the reports, I can say the individual who wrote the story is "shorting" the stock, so in his interest to post negative stories. CAFC won't be filing bankruptcy any time soon.'

It may well be the case that Sandgaard is seeking additional investment in Charlton, but that was always his intention.

Unfortunately, this may have led to artificial attempts to boost attendances which have denied fans their usual seats.

Saturday 19 February 2022

Confidence drains from defeated Charlton

The rain eased off as the game started but conditions remained blustery.  Charlton started brightly getting in behind the Oxford defence twice.  Charlton won an early corner after three minutes, but it was unproductive.  

Charlton won another corner after good work by Leko, but it was cleared.  

After good build up work, DJ put the ball into the side netting.    Leko got booked for delaying the goal kick.

Inniss had to put a ball away for Oxford's first corner.   A second corner followed, the ball moving in the air as it came across.   The move ended in a Charlton goal kick.

Charlton switched off and Oxford's top scorer Taylor found the top right-hand corner of the goal curling it above MacGillivray to put the visitors 1-0 ahead on 21 minutes.

DJ put in a poor challenge and was booked.   Purrington then followed into the book in a sign of frustration.  The Oxford shot from the free kick went over the bar.

A Brannagan shot came off the post after a long ball in behind and MacGillivray reacted well to make the save.

After a counter attack Taylor got the second, putting the ball through MacGillivray's legs.   Steve Brown commented, 'We don't deal with setbacks well.   It takes us ten minutes to recover our confidence.'

The Oxford captain was booked after he dragged back Leko.  

Inniss went down and needed some treatment.   He came back on.

As the half edged towards an end, Oxford won a corner.   Lee cleared away.  

Curbs said that we started well.   'Without our main players up top, it is difficult.'   Mervyn Day said that Leko is never going to be a centre forward you can play into or play off.   'When you start that well, you need something off it.'

HT: 0-2

Mason Burstow replaced DJ.   Charlton switched to a diamond, but Oxford won an early corner.  Following play led to a second corner.   The referee spotted a foul.

After a great through ball from Dobson Lee found Burstow, but his effort crept wide after a deflection.

Williams drew a free kick from Matthews who was having a poor game.  

Sykes received a yellow card for an agricultural tackle.    Morgan's free kick was headed away.

January transfer signing Baldock struck with a free header to make it 3-0 for Oxford.   The move started when MacGillivray came out of his goal and headed into the wind.

Steve Brown said it all went down to the character of the team.   It didn't respond well to going behind.

Sean Clare received a red card for bundling into Taylor.  Jacko feels unable to comment on it yet:  Curbs thought it was a soft sending off.  Inniss got a yellow card.   An effort by Burstow went over the bar.   Leko came off and Famewo came on.

An effort by Burstow was put behind by the keeper.  In the end Oxford were able to clear the corner from Morgan.

The referee rebuked the ball boy for putting the ball on the pitch when Brannagan was down.   Morgan got a yellow card for a foul.

Famewo received a yellow card after a collision.   

Brannagan put the ball into the top right-hand corner to make it 4-0 for Oxford.   Steve Brown commented that 'People are scoring simple goals against us.'    Campbell came on for his senior debut.

MacGillivray had to save with his face from Williams.   Sykes cut through the Charlton defence.  His shot was parried and then saved by MacGillivray in time added on.   A shot from Morgan was straight at the keeper.

Steve Brown said that it was the sort of performance that was going to draw extreme criticism from some quarters.

Curbs said it got worse and worse and worse for all sorts of reasons.  Once Clare got sent off, that was it.   Mervyn Day said if you haven't got the focal point up front it's always difficult.   Oxford won the game in midfield.

Charlton are now 16th, but still nine points above the relegation positions.

Shell shocked supremo Johnnie Jackson said: 'I thought we started really brightly, we was moving it well.  After we conceded we stopped doing the things that had got us a little bit of joy.  We never recovered from the first goal.  I was disappointed with the goals, especially the second one.  Taylor's movement caused a lot of issues.  Once you concede the third goal and the red card it made it impossible.   It hurts, we're all hurting, a knock to your pride, you have to pick yourself up.  These are the moments when you find out about people.'

Four takeaways from the game by Louis Mendez can be found here:

Friday 18 February 2022

Kanu interview

The SLP talks to Daniel Kanu who insists he remains grounded and is seen as a model for Academy scholars:

Gobby: give Jacko time

Karl Robinson 'thinks the world' of Johnnie Jackson and thinks he should be given time as Charlton manager:

For his part Jacko thinks that Robinson did a great job at Charlton and regards him as something of a mentor:

Robinson is expecting some 'creative' set pieces from Charlton (but does not mention how bad we are at defending from them):

Scott Fraser is yet to resume training after contacting Covid and is unlikely to take part:

Thursday 17 February 2022

Jacko's promotion picks

Johnnie Jackson reckons that Wigan Athletic and Rotherham United will occupy the League One automatic promotion places at the end of the season.   He also gives his assessment of Saturday's opponents Oxford United: 

Strikers? What strikers?

Charlton will be without Conor Washington, Jayden Stockley and Chuks Aneke against Oxford United on Saturday:

Fans with Sunday league experience may wish to bring their boots.

Monday 14 February 2022

Sunday 13 February 2022

Morts: avoid last summer's mistakes

Morts says that Johnnie Jackson's position as manager needs to be resolved so that planning can start for next season.   Targets have to be identified before the summer:

One point that seems to have been forgotten is that we were initially too ambitious last summer, going after players that were of interest to Championship clubs.    We need to look for talent in Leagues One and Two, even in the National League without going all Acworth.

Saturday 12 February 2022

Another 2-1 defeat in the north-west

Charlton were without injured Chuks Aneke and Conor Washington at Wigan while Scott Fraser was struck down by Covid.   Akin Famewo did not feature due to loan limits but Kanu was on the bench.

Clare took one for the team as Wigan broke.   In following play Wigan won a corner but the ball went over the bar.

Matthews put in a great cross, after a good initial ball by Burstow, and Lee scored for Charlton on seven minutes, his first goal since October.

Wigan won a second corner.   The ball went straight across the six yard box but went out for a goal kick.

Gilbey got the ball off the crossbar, after a lovely turn by Leko sent it forward to Lee.   Charlton were holding the ball up well.    They started to play with some confidence in attacking areas.

Purrington challenged Magennis and they both went down in a heap.   Wigan claimed a penalty with some justice, but a goal kick was awarded.

Clare was judged to have taken out Lang who got in the area easily and a penalty was awarded on 25 minutes from which Wigan equalised through Keane.   Curbs thought that Matthews should have made a challenge before the ball got anywhere near the box.

Purrington did well to win Charlton a corner, but Lee's effort was unproductive.   A penalty appeal for a foul on Gilbey was waved away.

Wigan won a corner taken by Max Power.   The referee spotted a foul on Inniss as he headed away.  

Leko put in a shot in time added on but it went over the bar.   It had been a non-stop first half.

Curbs said it was a terrific goal we scored.   Brown said it was superb in terms of the build up and the delivery.  

HT: 1-1

The blustery wind continued.    The referee had a word with Sean Clare after he fouled Magennis.  

Inniss had to clear away a ball across the goal.  After Charlton went forward, Wigan broke well and Dobson got a yellow card after a foul.  Max Power took the free kick but Lee did well to get it away.

Wigan made another penalty appeal.   After a flat second half, it was the first piece of movement. 

Wigan were able to win a corner after Charlton were slow to react.   Wigan made it 2-1 through Humphries after 74 minutes.   Curbs noted that two Wigan players got away from our players.

Castillo and Kanu came on with Burstow and Matthews going off.  

Wigan advanced but Magennis couldn't get a touch. 

Five minutes were added on.   MacGillivray had to make a good save from Humphries.  

In the second half Charlton struggled to create anything while Wigan had a little bit more quality when it mattered.

Curbs said that not many clubs could cope with three centre forwards missing.   Steve Brown agreed that we were light up front.   Curbs said it looked as if we were going to concede from a set play in every game.

Curbs said there was a lot of thinking to be done, we had a lot of players coming to the end of their contracts.  There were a lot of loans.   Steve Brown said that you couldn't do anything until the manager knew he was here next year.

Johnnie Jackson said: 'I thought we played better today [than at Bolton].  They're probably going to get promoted, we were more than a match for a good part of the game, certainly in the first half.   From the corner we lost the first contact and the second contact.   We're getting done with soft goals.   Brilliant for Kanu that we got involved, but it shows where you are when you have to get a kid on.'   Jacko thought it was unlikely that Fraser would be back for Oxford.   He wasn't able to say anything certain about Aneke and Washington.  Jacko said he hoped to finish the season as strong as possible.   'I want to be that so we are in a great place in the summer, I haven't had a pre-season with these lads.   There's great glimpses of what we can be, how I want to progress, that requires time, pre-season, recruitment.  For players who are out of contract every game becomes vital for them, I have my own ideas of how I want to take it forward, it's up to the players to show they want to be part of it.'

Charlton are now 14th.

Louis Mendez says that Charlton have only themselves to blame for their defeat:


Football first before Aussie rules

Ashley Maynard-Brewer discusses life as a goalkeeper.   Unfortunately after donning the kilt at Ross County, he broke his nose recently and is out of action:

No joy on Wigan Pier

Charlton faced their second trip to the north-west in a few days this afternoon (thanks fixture computer) and a tough test against automatic promotion candidates Wigan Athletic.   Their away record is actually better than their home record.   At home they have won seven, drawn three and lost three.

They will have noted Charlton's fragility at set pieces and Johnnie Jackson has had little time to take remedial action on the training pitch,.

The CAS Trust preview reckons it's the most difficult task of the season:

Friday 11 February 2022

Charlton winding up order sought

Laurence Bassini is threatening to wind up Charlton Athletic Football Co. Ltd over alleged £1.7M unpaid debt inc interest. Bassini's Bloom Properties Ltd today served a statutory demand under the Insolvency Act, giving it 21 days to satisfy the debt.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt comments, 'Very sceptical there is any substance to this story bearing in mind Laurence Bassini’s connection to Matt Southall. But the ex-Watford chairman - banned by the EFL for three years after being found guilty of misconduct and dishonesty over financial dealings - is active again.'

Thomas Sandgaard says he is still laughing and so are the club's lawyers, even though they have to deal with this abuse of the legal system.

Jacko wants more clarity on own future

Johnnie Jackson wants more clarity on his own future before he can proceed with contract talks with Charlton players:

As I recall his contract renewal depended on achieving certain targets although these were never made public.   In terms of points per game he has done well.

Richard Cawley states that the contract renewal is based on final league position.   He added: 'I think Sandgaard will wait to see how we do now the new manager bounce effect is over. Hopefully he can still motivate the team to perform for him until the end of the season. Fraser will help improve performances too, I believe.'

Thursday 10 February 2022

Jacko on Kanu's future

Johnnie Jackson discusses the progression of promising young striker Daniel Kanu:

My concern would be that fans want to see him in the first team too quickly.   That could harm rather than help his development.

Wednesday 9 February 2022

Tuesday 8 February 2022

That was the season that was

Charlton's faint hopes of a play off place were effectively ended with a 2-1 defeat at a wet University of Bolton stadium this evening.   It was hardly an education in football from supposedly the best team in the division, but once again Charlton's defensive errors let them down.   The Addicks are down to 13th.

Charlton contained Bolton in the early exchanges, but then Clare went down.   Bolton then broke with a long ball forward and went ahead on nine minutes despite an attempt by Famewo to correct his error by stopping it going in. At least he avoided a potential red card.

Morgan drew a foul in a promising position, but the move ended in a Bolton free kick.

A ball over the top caught Charlton out and MacGillivray had to head the ball out.

Charm merchant Jones got a yellow card for a strong challenge on Dobson.   It could have been a red.

Washington got a yellow card for challenging the goalkeeper.  Gilbey got a yellow card for the same offence.  The referee had a word with captain Pearce about Charlton players.

Steve Brown thought it had been a disjointed performance.   Nothing had gone particularly well for Charlton.

Bolton had the better pressure, but neither side had a lot of chances.   Curbs said it had been flat on both sides.  A neutral would find it hard to say what either side were good at.   We hadn't managed to get decent balls into Washington or Burstow, we hadn't fashioned anything.

HT: 1-0

Facing relentless pressure, Pearce got a yellow card for a foul.   Bolton were not able to make use of the free header from the free kick.   John was booked for Bolton.

Charlton got the first corner of the game.  Gilbey's shot was deflected over the bar.

As 60 minutes approached Burstow came off in favour of Aneke.  Pearce, in danger of being sent off, was replaced by Lavelle.

Bolton put in a shot that was inches wide.

Dobson had been a thorn in the side of Bolton and received a yellow card.  Fraser came on in place of Gilbey on 68 minutes.  With the changed formation, Charlton were in the game more.

On 75 minutes Aneke got the equaliser with a header after a great cross by Fraser.

A Bolton free kick given away by Clare needlessly went towards the six yard box and was headed in to make it 2-1 on 83 minutes.   Once again Charlton had conceded from a set piece.

MacGillivray had to make a great save to keep Charlton in the game.

In five minutes added on Washington brought down a ball from Morgan well but Fraser's shot was gathered by the keeper.   Bakayoko was booked for a foul, but Morgan's free kick was not productive.

Curbs said we hadn't played well.   We fought our way back in it, but it lasted a few minutes.   The first goal was a dreadful one to concede, a disaster for Famewo.   There was no spark and it was such an important game.

Jacko sounded shell shocked.  'The goals we gave away were poor.  I feel like we've given two goals away.  We scored a really good, well-worked goal.'  He thought the tackle on Dobson was a red card, he was caught studs up.  'The fourth official is right there.   They've only beaten us because of our sloppines.  We haven't been clinical enough in the moments we have had away from home.'

Full comments by Johnnie Jackson here:

Louis Mendez says that Charlton didn't have the muscle to compete with Bolton in the first hour:

Bolton manager Ian Evatt thinks that Jason Pearce should have been sent off, but admits that Gethin Jones could also have got a red card:

Saturday 5 February 2022

Third win in a row for Charlton

Following a free kick, which was not well defended, Wimbledon got a free header, MacGillivray tried to claim it in the blustery wind and Wimbledon went ahead on three minutes through Chislett.  MacGillivray claimed he was impeded, but the referee did not agree.

A Gilbey shot was deflected just over the bar.  The corner was unproductive. 

Blackett-Taylor limped off on 12 minutes to be replaced by DJ.

On 18 minutes a corner from Morgan was intercepted by Inniss at the near post and his flick went over the line, arguably with some help from a defender which would have made it an own goal. 

DJ got booked for a challenge and it could have been a red.

After an excellent pass from DJ with the outside of his foot, Washington made it 2-1 on 31 minutes.

Wimbledon got the equaliser with a free header on the far post after poor marking at a set piece from a free kick.  This was after a spell when Charlton had been controlling the game.

Matthews put a good ball in, but Washington was unable to control it.

Curbs said we had not got our front two into really good positions.

HT: 2-2

Charlton had three early corners in succession, but they were unproductive.

The swirling wind seemed to be stronger in the second half.

Wimbledon had a good spell and Inniss put in a block at the expense of a corner.

Gilbey was booked for obstructing a throw in.

An Aneke shot was blocked away for a Charlton corner in play following an earlier corner.   Famewo met the corner from Morgan with his head to make it 3-2, he was too strong for his marker.   Morgan had whipped in the corner with pace which took out the keeper.

A tiring Chuks Aneke went off and Mason Burstow came on.   Curbs wondered earlier if he had arrived in a different car today.

An effort from Marsh skimmed off the post after the midfield went too deep.

Morgan came off as Scott Fraser made his Valley debut.  

The game became very stretched.   

A good build up led to a Charlton corner, but Gilbey's effort was cleared.

Clare had to concede a corner as substitute Cosgrave threatened.   The header went wide.

Inniss was booked for the fourth Charlton yellow card of the game.   Four minutes were added on.   A shot from Nightingale was punched away by MacGillivray and Inniss put the ball away for a Wimbledon corner.    The ball went over the bar for a Charlton goal kick.  

Matthews drew a foul.   Inniss won a free kick for a nudge.

Curbs said it was two free headers for their goals and you can't have that.   'We're definitely going to be tested in midweek.   Inniss is my main man.'

Jacko said 'the old heart was going towards the end, it was not how I wanted it to be.   I was gutted to lose Corey that early in the game,  I was really excited about him going into this game.  DJ did excellent when he came on, big credit to him.   We felt that Conor's movement down the side would cause them a problem.  Physically we competed great, both boxes was a good test.  Winning not at your best is nice, we weren't at our best today. We managed it quite well towards the end.  Let's go and back it up now.'  

Match winner Akin Famewo said he was very proud.  I am a happy player.  He had been working in training on getting goals at set pieces.   We stayed strong and took our chances.   Everyone's bouncing.

Morts said it was the best he had seen DJ play, 'I saw someone who produced bits of quality when it mattered.'

Charlton are now 11th.

Fraser looks forward to Valley debut

Scott Fraser is looking forward to making his Charlton debut at The Valley today and talks at length to Richard Cawley, among other things about being man marked by Darren Pratley:

Friday 4 February 2022

Wombles remain confident

Wimbledon come to The Valley tomorrow just above the danger zone, but in their pronouncements they seem fairly relaxed about it, possibly because they know the four teams below them are worse:

After last Saturday's draw with Shrewsbury, manager Mark Robinson said, 'The mood's always good because we know what we're doing and we know what we're building.'

The Wombles have won four games away as against two at home where they tend to be draw specialists.  They have drawn three and lost seven.

Loan back was crucial to Burstow deal

Thomas Sandgaard has said that he would not confirm Mason Burstow's transfer to Chelsea until the loan back deal was agreed.   With Jayden Stockley likely to be out for much of the rest of the season, his availability is a key asset:

Sandgaard also revealed that the sell on clause was 'exceptionally high'.   This will be important if Burstow does make the grade.  Whether or not he will remains to be seen but for him it is a risk worth taking.

Sandgaard confirmed that Brentford was the other club to make an offer, but there is no substance in rumours that they were prepared to pay £3m.

Thursday 3 February 2022

Jacko's loan dilemmas

Johnnie Jackson explains why loan players Juan Castillo and Nile John have not yet been used in the starting 18.  He also says that Jayden Srockley's injury is a 'slow burner', in other words don't expect to see him any time soon:

Because of EFL rules, the manager faces a juggling act with loan players:

Jacko is not expecting to sign a striker who is a free agent before the end of the season:

It has been confirmed that Chelsea paid £1.6m for Mason Burstow, addons bringing it to £2.2m.  I estimated £2m - £3m for a player who is all about potential, so the figure is a little less than I hoped for.  However, the loan back could well be useful with Jayden Stockley likely to be out for some weeks.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Clare: 'We silenced the crowd'

Sean Clare says that Charlton silenced the boisterous crowd at Fratton Park.   He also talks about his new role which he is enjoying and learning all the time:

Clare was not given a proper chance by Adkins, but is now showing his worth.

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Inniss had hamstring problem

Johnnie Jackson explains that he substituted Ryan Inniss at Portsmouth because he was starting to have a hamstring problem.   He also praises Scott Fraser:

As far as Mason Burstow is concerned, those fans cancelling their Valley Gold subscriptions should remember that we poached him off Maidstone United.   He wasn't an Academy product.

We are a third division club and even when we weren't we were a selling club.   Remember Scott Parker? Those are the financial and player career realities in football.

There is no reliable information on the fee, but my guess would be £2m - £3m plus add ons.