Monday 10 June 2019

This blog is now suspended

This blog is now suspended, hopefully for a long time. You can read all the stories on Addick's Championship Diary: Promotion site

Our latest story concerns revelations from Ramsgate on developments in the takeover story since Wembley. The Australians were ready to bid, but faced a price hike, but other parties are interested.

Sunday 9 June 2019

Former directors issue statement

Three former Charlton directors have issued a statement in relation to their loans, emphasising that they would not wish to block the sale of the club, nor would they be able to do so. The statement was issued by the Voice of the Valley website: Ex-directors respond over loan claims

Friday 7 June 2019

Ramsgate fan denounces 'barefaced lie' by Roland

The sea may still be cold off Ramsgate, but its heating up on the Isle of Thanet tonight as VOTV editor Rick Everitt denounces Roland's latest self-serving statement published on the club website: Rick Everitt puts him straight

The Rickster has stated on Twitter, 'It is categorically untrue and a barefaced lie that the owner of Ebbsfleet was interested in buying Charlton, that Peter Varney, myself and Derek Chappell ever put him forward to do so.'

He continues, 'Interested party in 2015/16 was not Middle Eastern and Duchatelet does not and never has known who it was, because he refused to sign an NDA to meet them in Brussels. What any this has to do with 2019 I have no idea!'

Everitt notes, 'Duchatelet blames former CAFC directors with a total of £2.65m in interest-free loans only repayable in PL but has refused a £45m offer for the club and asked for £72m plus the ex-directors’ loans in League One six months ago.'

Former Charlton director David White commented, 'I don’t understand it. I have had one conversation recently asking if I would be happy to discuss my loan and I said yes. That is all. I haven’t discussed anything else, been offered anything or agreed anything.'

Williams: Bowyer restored my belief

In an extensive interview with Richard Cawley Jonny Williams talks about the emotions of being a Wembley winner again and how Lee Bowyer restored his belief: Bowyer gave me back belief

Williams has attracted interest from a number of clubs, but clearly would like to stay at The Valley if he could. Among those clubs interested are Swansea City where he could join former Leamington ace Courtney Baker-Richardson. Apart from the Abertawe side, a number of clubs are said to be interested including newly promoted Norwich City: Jonny Williams

A transfer fee might be possible

Roland Duchatelet might be prepared to part with a transfer fee this summer for the first time since August 2016, but it would have to be for a young player - who presumably could be sold on later at a profit. With Charlton likely to have the smallest budget in the Championship, staying in the league will be the challenge according to Lee Bowyer: Moths seen flying

Further contract talks with Bowyer

Lee Bowyer has held further contract talks with Roland's sidekick Lieven de Turck: Rivals are interested

There have been reports of interest in the manager from West Browmich Albion.

Richard Cawley reports, 'Bowyer is thought to still be pushing ahead with talking to potential signings.Plymouth’s Ruben Lameiras, 24, is of interest. The Portuguese winger is a free agent in July and looks certain to leave Argyle, who were relegated to League Two. Bordeaux have also been linked.'

'Bowyer wants to bring Josh Cullen back for another season-long loan in South London. But the classy midfielder is expected to start pre-season with West Ham as he waits to see if he has a chance of being in the first-team picture.'

On a personal note, I would like to express my thanks to the black cab driver who would not accept a fare for taking me to St. Thomas's A and E yesterday, and for the good care I received overnight from the hospital. I am now back home.

Tuesday 4 June 2019

Three clubs interested in Fosu

Three clubs are interested in Tariqe Fosu who is on his way out of Charlton. Among them is Oxford United and Fosu played his best football under Gobby before fading. The others are Lincoln City and Rotherham United: League One clubs interested in winger

The offer of new terms to Fosu surprised some Addicks fans but the offer was to protect Charlton by getting some compensation for the former Reading man, as he is under the age of 24.

Purrington set for Valley return

Rotherham manager Paul Warne would not stand in Ben Purrington's way if the left back wanted to return to The Valley: 100 per cent open to Charlton

Some fans think that 'The Cat' is not good enough for the Championship, but he has developed under Bowyer. And we are not in a position to splash the cash.

New contract for Taylor

With 12 months to run on his deal, Lyle Taylor is to be offered a new contract. Lee Bowyer expects bids for him: New deal

Bowyer thinks there are three things that will keep Taylor at Charlton: he loves it at The Valley, he is in London and will be playing in the Championship.

Lee Bowyer is now back from holiday and it is expected that his contract negotiations will be concluded in the next few days. Roland appreciates his ability to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Monday 3 June 2019

Two month window to sell club

The window of opportunity for Roland Duchatelet to sell the club may not last for long, at most two months, warns VOTV editor Rick Everitt in a new blog post: Short window

The Rickster states: 'While all the indications remain that the Belgian is still holding out for an unrealistic price, one stumbling block to a deal has been removed by promotion. Duchatelet had previously been demanding a success payment when new owners got the team out of League One, something that at least one interested party was not prepared to entertain. But whether that is enough to unlock a deal remains to be seen.'

The Ramsgate fan concludes, ' Unfortunately, all previous experience points to the owner running the club on the basis of wishful thinking rather than business logic.'

Sunday 2 June 2019

The chase for Bauer is on

Six Championship clubs and two Scottish clubs are interested in getting the signature of Patrick Bauer: Popular defender

However, some reports are suggesting that he would prefer to stay at The Valley if he could: Setback for Rangers. That may not be easy to achieve with Lee Bowyer out of contract soon and Roland not willing to spend a euro more than he has to.

Jonny Williams, whose wages cannot be afforded by Charlton, is attracting interest from the Super Hoops and Swansea City.