Monday 31 July 2017

Reeves edges closer

Ben Reeves is edging closer to a move to Charlton after rejecting an offer from Bolton Wanderers. MK Dons have also put a new and improved offer on the table, but he wants to come to Charlton after enjoying the hospitality of the directors' box on Saturday: Deal is closer

Karl Robinson emphasised on Tuesday morning that Reeves is not the only player he is interested in. He is chasing three or four potential signings: Chasing deals

Holmes: I never wanted to go 'oop North

The road to promotion at Charlton: everyone is pushing in the same direction.

Ricky Holmes has said that he never wanted to leave Charlton for Sheffield United, despite two offers of Championship football: Happy at The Valley

Holmes says he is excited by the new signings and says that everyone at the club is pushing in the same direction, including Katrien Meire and Roland Duchatelet.

Let's hope it's not the labour of Sisyphus.

Magennis forecast to get 20 goals

Ricky Holmes reckons that Josh Magennis will double his goal scoring tally of last season and find the net twenty times: On target

Let's hope he's right. A lot depends on the service the often loan marauder receives: Holmes could be crucial there.

It also depends on an injury free season for the striker. In some ways the squad looks impressive, but there is a concern about a lack of depth.

Sunday 30 July 2017

Big feature on Lee Bowyer

The Observer has a big feature today on Charlton assistant manager Lee Bowyer: Ultra competitive

Bowyer thinks that the whole mood around the players has changed over the summer.

Saturday 29 July 2017

Au revoir for Cameron Stewart

Cameron Stewart has left Charlton, but Karl Robinson may yet bring the 26-year old winger back. Robinson says that Stewart understands his predicament: Au revoir

Robinson said that it was a case of seeing what else is out there and he and Stewart can have a conversation next week. Clearly Robinson has other irons in the fire.

Fans heartened by Ipswich win

Fans have been heartened by Charlton's 6-1 demolition of Ipswich Town yesterday, although others have pointed out that the Tractors were very poor and never got into gear.

One fan commented, 'The big difference from last season is having Kashi in central midfield—he is a class above Division one and everything went through him which gave the others freedom to get forward and support the lone striker, Maggenis. Of the new signings I was very impressed by Fosu who has bags of skill and really gets around the pitch. Jake Forster-Caskey, alongside Kashi in midfield, was also excellent helped no doubt by the influence of Kashi.'

'I’m very surprised that Chelsea have allowed Jay DaSilva to come back on loan given that he was the captain of the England under 19 team that won the European Cup this summer . I understand lots of Championship clubs were after him, but he chose to come back to us. The new goalkeeper, Ben Amos, looked solid enough although he didn't have much to do.'

'Overall, therefore, a very encouraging game with all the players (including Tony Watt, who came on as a substitute) looking much fitter than last season—lots of pressing high up the pitch and pace going forward.'

Another fan commented, 'Whilst I'd accept that one swallow doesn't make a spring, I really enjoyed the game. Holmes and daSilva were both excellent and worked well together, Konsa looked reliable and confident, Kashi came through it well and the whole team tackled quickly throughout, denying Ipswich space.'

Mick McCarthy says next week he's going to have £20 on us to lose and £20 on them to win, as they can't play that badly again. The Eastern Daily Press reports he said they we're a shambles and a disgrace, but he wouldn't use the squad illness as an excuse (so why mention it then?). Looks as if McCarthy could be the first recipient of our Alan Pardew award for half-baked excuses.

News Shopper player ratings here: Star players

Reeves at The Valley

Ben Reeves was at The Valley this afternoon, as was his agent. Karl Robinson has been chasing the signature of the former MK Dons midfielder, now a free agent, for some time: Ben Reeves

Reeves has been seeking a Championship berth, but without success.

Reeves, who has played for Northern Ireland, started his career as a youth player at Southampton: Career details

Hopefully he was impressed by Charlton's 6-1 victory over the Tractors. However, Karl Robinson says that he has not spoken to him about the contract: Coy supremo

Apparently Reeves rang up and asked if he could have a ticket for the game (as you do). The Chicago Addick has tweeted about Robinson: managerial ability, League One; mind management games, Vanarama Conference.

Mid-table mediocrity forecast for Charlton

Charlton will finish 13th again this season according to Four Four Two. A health warning is necessary as the magazine forecast we would hover above the relegation zone in Chris Powell's championship winning year. However, prospects this season are certainly not as good.

Supporter Lee Jarvis is more optimistic, claiming that the Addicks will finish in the top six, adding 'I hope. I don't want to be in this division for too long.' He suggests that Jason Pearce's 'experience could be key. He is a leader and has been promoted before, with Wigan.'

The article suggests that success on the field might depend as much on who Karl Robinson can offload, as much as the playing personnel he brings to the club. Departing first team coach Simon Clark claimed the club needs a change of culture, as too many players are happy to coast along.

Supremo Robinson is described as 'A respected lower-league coach with a well-defined philosophy. Those who have worked with Robinson have nothing but praise for his positive outlook and interpersonal skills.'

Ricky Holmes is selected as star player: 'He could be one of the division's star men.'

Writing in the Sunday Times Millwall fan Rod Liddle says, 'The hitherto sinking ship which is Charlton Athletic have splashed the cash a little and may be in line for a season of good cheer.'

The Racing Post forecasts a 11th place finish.

Friday 28 July 2017

When Ipswich were our feeder club

Charlton face Ipswich Town at The Valley this afternoon for the 'dress rehearsal' match at which Karl Robinson should put out what he thinks is his best side. Ben Amos has now signed as keeper and might get some game time this afternoon.

The CAS Trust preview reminds us that Ipswich were once our 'feeder club', providing such distinguished players as the Herminator, Matt Holland and Darren Bent: Feeder team

Wanderers keeper for Addicks?

Charlton have met their need for a goalkeeper by taking a player from Bolton Wanderers,the deal being concluded on Saturday. 27 year old Ben Amos joined Wanderers from Manchester United in 2015 after a successful loan spell during the 2014/2015 season.

Amos has played 53 times for Bolton, and was one of a number of under performing players during Wanderers' dismal 2015/2016 season, which saw Wanderers relegated to League One. Ben Amos spent last season on loan with Cardiff City, playing sixteen games before a poor run of form saw him dropped out of the first team.

Amos fell out of favour after Cardiff signed Allan McGregor, with Neil Warnock stating: 'Ben Amos is here until the end of the season, and he's played for two clubs so we can't move him. It's a ridiculous rule.'

Some 'oop North think it's a shame Amos will not be given a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of Bolton fans. Saying that, some fans would probably say he doesn't deserve one.

The fact of the matter is, with three goalkeepers ahead of him in the queue, plus the fact that he's one of the highest earners in the club, it was inevitable that Amos was going to be moved on.

Apparently, it is going to be a one year loan deal. When he was at Cardiff, Bolton paid a substantial proportion of his wages.

Where do we go from here?

How protests should be carried forward in the coming season is very much an open question and I am very pleased to publish a thoughtful contribution from a longstanding Charlton supporter on this subject.

'I have supported Charlton since 1957 and my family have held season tickets for over 30 years. We have seen more than one bad owner in that time. For my recent 70th birthday my 8 year old grandson James (a very keen Charlton supporter) created a birthday card and at a football coaching course in London he asked Johnnie Jackson to sign it, which he did. On the front of the card James wrote: "Grandad forget what’s happening now with all the protests and remember the good times." At a game last season when the protests were very loud James became quite distressed and wished to leave. That set me thinking about the whole situation and what “getting our Charlton back” means because it was never about discouraging young children. Therefore I have set out below some thoughts on where the Club seems to be now and how I think the time has come for a change of approach from supporters.

Although the last few games of Charlton Athletic’s 2016/2017 season were a welcome relief from the depressing inconsistency displayed for much of the League 1 campaign there is little doubt that overall the season marked yet another step in the decline of the club. It is true that injuries affected the progress of the team, as did the change of managership, but that cannot excuse many poor performances from a squad that possessed several good quality players. Despite the sustained protests and season ticket boycott, Duchatelet remains in ownership and Meire remains as Chief Executive. Some supporters commenting on social media are suggesting that C.A.R.D has failed in its efforts to restore Charlton to its former status and so should abandon its protests.

There is another view which recognises that C.A.R.D has had some success but that evolving circumstances suggest a change in direction is now required. Since the C.A.R.D campaign began there have been significant changes and developments.

Duchatelet has largely abandoned his experiment of importing players and management from his network of clubs. He no longer seeks to use Financial Fair Play measures to shape the management policies and has reduced his interference in the running of the club. Supporters of many other English League clubs are now protesting at the incompetence of their owners and are calling on the English Football League and the Government to introduce and enforce management standards for English professional football clubs. Katrien Meire has publicly admitted to failings in the management of the club since the takeover and apologised for those errors. Recruitment of players is now in the hands of a British management team which has knowledge of the EFL and has the authority to sign suitable players. Johnnie Jackson has been promoted to a role which can have influence on the management of Charlton. Lee Bowyer’s appointment as assistant manager reinforces the links with Charlton’s past. Despite considerable financial losses since 2014, funding is maintained to support the improvement of an already successful youth academy. Charlton’s work as a community club not only survives but its reputation continues to grow as it works within and for the local community with great success.

The C.A.R.D campaign has been characterised by intelligence, unity of purpose, imagination, good humour and determination. It has always been carefully lawful. Although the current management of the Club might disagree, some of the developments listed above can reasonably be credited to the consistency of the C.A.R.D campaign and the willingness of many supporters to maintain the pressure in the long term. To that extent the protests have achieved some success. But Duchatelet retains ownership and, despite press stories about a potential takeover, it is possible he will remain for some time to come. Katrien Meire remains as CEO even though she has presided over a period of continuous decline. But she was installed as CEO at the age of 30 without substantive knowledge of English football, without relevant training or experience. In any business this would be a recipe for failure and so it proved. She deserves some credit for, unlike the owner, admitting to the mistakes, changing management policies and meeting hostile supporter groups. It has clearly been a painful learning experience for her. There is no certainty that a replacement of her would help “bring our Charlton back”. Duchatelet might well parachute in another favoured associate from his organisation, then the same problems could occur again.

There is also no certainty that if a change of ownership does come about it would realise the dream of “bringing our Charlton back”. (After supporting Charlton for several decades I am not sure how to define what “our Charlton” means, but as there seems to be an understanding among supporters of what has been lost and needs restoring, I go along with it). Duchatelet will sell when he judges it is in his best interest and to whom he chooses. The best interest of the supporters is unlikely to be a determining factor.

What direction should supporters take now? Of all the developments listed above the most significant might be the promotion of Johnnie Jackson to a player/coach role. Throughout the last three years of decline he has remained a beacon of hope for the restoration of “the Charlton way”. He represents all that was good about the club in its best times and his relationship with the supporters has never wavered. Now that he is taking up a position where he can have more influence, we are at least partly getting “our Charlton” back. So the question arises, can we get our Charlton back if Duchatelet and Meire remain? Although this is a scenario that would seem unpalatable to those supporter groups who have worked so hard to oppose the mismanagement of the Club, this is the reality that has to be faced. Other supporter groups who have long opposed their club owners seem to have had limited success in bringing about change and in some cases the protests and boycotts appear to have contributed to further decline, which harms everyone associated. There is a danger that if boycotts continue to cause Charlton to lose money the decline could get to a point where it is very difficult to turn it round in the future. It’s possible that recruitment is already being adversely affected by the club’s perceived poor condition.

If Duchatelet continues to provide financial support without interference and if the CEO provides appropriate administrative support to the football coaching staff, what is the best way to continue on the path of “bringing our Charlton back”? Here are some thoughts.

Restrict protests against Duchatelet to the Belgian context as these seem to have most effect. Avoid protests inside the Valley stadium; instead maximise support for the team. Widen the protest efforts to include other club groups with incompetent owners and put real pressure on the EFL to introduce higher standards for the management of professional clubs; involve national media and Government ministers if the EFL proves incapable of reform. Consider that pressure on Duchatelet to sell to a reputable buyer might bring a result more quickly if the club is achieving well rather than continuing to decline.

Utilise the power of the C.A.R.D organisation to bring back supporters to matches and regenerate the optimism and hope that was so effective in the back to the Valley campaign of the 1990s. Revive measures used at that time to increase crowd numbers and so demonstrate the vital role that supporter groups can play in the restoration of the club’s fortunes. Acknowledge that most young supporters have limited understanding of the back to the Valley years and just wish to see a good game of football. They enjoy it most when there is an exciting atmosphere within the Valley. If they become alienated by protests within the ground then the protesters could inadvertently cement the long term decline of the club.

Continue to press for improvements in commercial management, particularly marketing and ticketing policy. The hospitality areas such as lounges and boxes already have high standards of provision but this should extend to concourses behind main stands to benefit all supporters. Demand better provision for visiting supporters, such as that offered at Brighton’s Amex stadium where efforts are made to make visitors feel welcomed. Maintain pressure to establish formal supporter representation within the management structure of the Club to help repair the relationship between the Club and the support base.

The current club manager divides opinion but there is no doubting his commitment and enthusiasm and his desire to produce a first team that plays attractive, attacking football. Nor is there any doubt that he is prepared to develop youth potential and is motivated to gain promotion. He also has the knowledge of the EFL that some recent managers lacked. With the presence of a management team that includes former players who understand what it means to be part of Charlton, there is more reason now than a year ago to be positive and proactive in supporting the Club.'

Round the network they go

Former Charlton coach Chris O'Loughlin has returned to the mother ship: Networking

Meanwhile, the SLP's Richard Cawley has tweeted a denial of a report that Josh Magennis has turned down a new Charlton contract.

Thursday 27 July 2017

Honourable defeat

I have been in the Orkney Islands for the past few days where both the Cheese League and the Parishes Cup are coming to a climax (in the latter it looks like Athletico Stromness v. Rendell in the final once again). I came back to news of a home defeat for Charlton in the pre-season friendly against Norwich, but the SLP's Richard Cawley thinks that the Addicks put up a decent display: Encouraging signs

Sunday 23 July 2017

Matej Delac for keeper?

Charlton still lack a keeper of League One quality and Matej Delac has been suggested. He is a back up keeper for Chelsea who has never played for their first team. Last year he was on loan in the Belgian first division so at least he knows his moules and frites: Keeper shortage

However, his £765,000 price tag is almost certainly beyond Charlton's budget and his wages would probably be high.

Novak will come good says Robinson

Karl Robinson puts Lee Novak's slow start at Charlton down to injuries, but reckons that he will come good. He is a hard worker who wants to do the best for the fans: Reasons for slow start

Robinson also reckons that Jake Forster-Caskey will turn into a more consistent goal scoring midfielder as he benefits from coaching from Lee Bowyer and Johnnie Jackson.

Saturday 22 July 2017

New signing injured

Mark Marshall came off in the 28th minute of Charlton's 2-1 win at Stevenage today and left the stadium in a knee brace. Apparently, it doesn't look good: Injury blow

Karl Robinson said that Charlton played some of the best football he has seen in his time at The Valley, describing the first 15 minutes as sensational: Delighted supremo

Bids for Harry Lennon turned down

Charlton has turned down bids for Harry Lennon from two League One clubs. Could one of them be Gillingham? Rejected bids

Lennon is still recovering from a serious groin injury which limited his contribution last season. Karl Robinson wants to assess him on his return to full fitness before deciding whether he should go out on loan.

Friday 21 July 2017

Magennis next for contract talks

Josh Magennis is the next Charlton player scheduled for contract talks. He is in the last 12 months of his contract: Next in line

Robinson favours Burnley striker

Voluble Scouse supremo Karl Robinson has revealed his latest fave player as Burnley striker Chris Long: Chris Long

However, he has not been discussed as a transfer target, so there we are then. It's called talking the talk.

However, in terms of walking the walk, Jay DaSilva has completed his loan signing. He said that he really enjoyed playing for Karl Robinson who gave him a lot of freedom on the pitch: Loan deal

Thursday 20 July 2017

Ahearne-Grant wants to play his part

Karlan Ahearne-Grant does not want to go out on loan, but wants to play his part in the first team at Charlton this season. He rejects the idea that his early start in the first team hindered his development: Realising his potential

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Welcome back, Jay Dasilva

The loan signing of Jay DaSilva from Chelsea is expected to be completed by the weekend. This has been in prospect for some time but was held up by DaSilva leading the England Under 19 side to victory in the European Championships: Deal near

He could appear in Saturday's friendly at Stevenage.

Mood music is good

Karl Robinson thinks that the mood in the Charlton squad is good. He does not regret slamming them after the performance at Shrewsbury last year: Mentality switch

The buoyant supremo told Louis Mendez: 'We’ve spoken in the summer about a mentality switch, a ruthlessness about what we do, and caring. A lot of people, including myself, we let the football club and the fans down last season through some of our performances and where we finished in the league. That’s not down to the board above us or the fans in the stands, that’s us.'

Tuesday 18 July 2017

Naby Sarr could come back

Karl Robinson has said that he still has to make a lot of selection decisions for the seasons with only two players having secured their place. Even Naby Sarr may be brought back after an impressive performance last night at Dover Athletic: Selection revelation

Robinson has also said that he is a big fan of Karlan Ahearne-Grant and wants him to stay at Charlton. He points out that Ahearne-Grant can play in any forward position, he just needs to shoot more: Second chance

Robinson hopes to bring in four more players. He emphasised that Tex is now off his wage bill with Charlton entirely separate from the mother ship.

Robinson says that Gillingham's Josh Wright is a player he very much likes, but is unlikely to sign him as he is well supplied with central midfielders: Josh Wright

Charlton won 2-0 at Dover with Jake Forster-Caskey one of the scorers along with Reeco Hackett-Fairchild: Fourth victory

Farewell, then, Cristian Ceballos?

It looks as if Cristian Ceballos is going to be beamed back up to the mother ship this week: Ticket on Eurostar

Richard Cawley tweeted on Thursday morning that Ceballos will make a permanent return to Sint Truiden.

Some fans think he has looked up for it since his return, but I doubt whether he has that much to offer.

However, one fan pointed out: 'I watched all 3 of our knackered games in a row from Ireland, but thought that Cebalos did well, and he was also impressive on Saturday by all accounts. While there initially appeared to be good progress in building our squad, I am tentative that a Cebalos departure would suddenly see us 3 bodies down after Tex & Ajose, and all 3 offer some quality at League One level.'

The person we really need to see go is Naby Sarr who is expensive and offers nothing at this level. We also have to remember that Lookman gave the team something special last year and he has not been replaced.

Monday 17 July 2017

Charlton interested in Villa keeper

With only one keeper on their books, Charlton are expressing an interest in Aston Villa's Jed Steer. Last season was wiped out for him by an Achilles injury, but a candidate for the treatment table always goes down well at Sparrows Lane: Jed Steer

The 24-year old began his career at his hometown club Norwich City: Career details

One fan has commented on Twitter, 'cheap as chips'.

'Really good feel' about this season

Charlton left back Aaron Barnes thinks there is a really good feel about this season. In his view the intensive pre-season, which has seen Karl Robinson challenge the record for the number of pre-season matches, will lead to promotion: Promotion hopes

Barnes said, 'The manager came in and he really wanted to change the philosophy and ethos of the club – to have a more positive environment and players who want to play for the club. I think we’re getting that now; we’re really working hard. That can only mean one thing – hopefully good results throughout the season.'

One sceptical fan tweeted, 'What else are they going to say?'

Sunday 16 July 2017

Charlton retain Crown Berger cup

The Addicks retained the Crown Berger Cup with a convincing 3-0 win at Park View Road yesterday.

Charlton went ahead after 25 minutes when impressive trialist Cameron Stewart's deep cross found Jason Pearce and he finished well from close range. Dillon Phillips then made a great block with his legs to keep out a shot from Goldberg.

Charlton made Welling pay four minutes from the break when Stuart crossed to Patrick Bauer. Although Chris Lewington made a spectacular save from his initial effort, the centre back followed up with a strong header.

The second half was quieter with multiple substitutions but Charlton added a third when Mikhail Kennedy finished in style with four minutes left.

The game ended with the customary pitch invasion and, according to a photo on Twitter, a naked streaker ran through the sprinkler system after the ground had emptied.

In the second match of the day Charlton secured a 4-0 win over Greenwich Borough with Cristian Cellabos, returning after a year on loan at Sint Truiden, finding the back of the net: Comfortable win

Karl Robinson is talking to the 26-year old Cameron Stewart about his future: Sitting down for a chat

Farewell then, Tex

Jorge Teixeira has joined Sint Truiden on a three year deal. Karl Robinson reckons that his departure to the mother ship marks a new start at the club, offering fans a more evenly balanced side: Why Tex left

Robinson refused to be drawn on the player's salary, rumoured to be £12k a week. Incidentally, it appears that we are paying a big slice of Ajose's salary at the cash strapped Shakers.

Karl Robinson has yet to decide whether Naby Sarr or Cristian Ceballos will remain at The Valley after the summer, but in the meantime has asked them to behave in a professional manner and show him respect: Boss torn on future of duo

However, the Charlton boss emphasised that if they left they would have to be replaced by better. Not too difficult surely?

Saturday 15 July 2017

Charlton acted like a big club on Holmes

Charlton acted like a big club in giving a new contract to Ricky Holmes says supremo Karl Robinson: Walking the walk

The decision is presented in the article is presented as a change of approach by Roland Duchatelet compared with the treatment of fan favourite Yann Kermogant. It will be interesting to see what leading vinegar pissers make of this claim.

Robinson said that the club needed a structure, having lacked one in the past. If you have a structure, you get good days and bad days.

Friday 14 July 2017

Ajose goes home

Nicky Ajose has joined his home town club Bury on a season long loan: Loan deal

Charlton supremo Karl Robinson declared, 'I wasn't going to stand in his way.' Fitting him into Robinson's plans would have been difficult.

Newts burglary was part of 'treasure hunt'

Former Addick Shaun Newton has been convicted of burglary. He explained that it was in pursuit of what he thought was a 'treasure hunt' as part of his 40th birthday celebrations which went on for a year. He had not slept for two days when the incident occurred: Treasure hunt

His defending counsel said that he had lost his way since leaving football and was living a hand-to-mouth existence.

He was sentenced to 100 hours community service.

Football League to revisit fit and proper persons test

The Football League is to revisit its fit and proper persons tests. The specific stimulus appears to be events at Leyton Orient, but protests at Charlton are referred to in this report: Fit and proper?

In particular, the Football League is considering looking at what happens after a club is purchased.

Of course, it might be difficult to devise a test to deal with an obdurate eccentric who wasted his own money. Ideally, one would like to see chief executives to have relevant experience.

Thursday 13 July 2017

Charlton 'off the pace'

Johnnie Jackson (puzzlingly headlined as a 'former Spurs midfielder') has admitted that Charlton were 'off the pace' in their 4-1 defeat by University College Dublin on Wednesday: Off the pace

Karl Robinson explained the defeats in Ireland in terms of the team's 'hectic' travel schedule: Why we lost

This season we will be launching a new match day award, an idea borrowed from Four Four Two: The Alan Pardew Award for Half Baked Excuses.

According to reports we are competing with MK Dons for the signature of Leeds striker Lee Irwin who has been let go on a free. I didn't think we were short of strikers.

Wednesday 12 July 2017

A good start in Ireland

Charlton author Paul Breen has a way with words and it is apparent in his atmospheric report of Charlton's opening match in Ireland, sent by the magic of wireless telegraphy to VOTV's offices on the Isle of Thanet: And the craic was good

Rick Everitt reminds us that preparations are being made for the first VOTV of the season and that it is possible to take out an annual subscription.

Monday 10 July 2017

Charlton close to new Holmes deal

Charlton are close to agreeing an improved deal with Ricky Holmes after seeing off efforts by Sheffield United to sign the winger: Ricky Holmes

Friday 7 July 2017

Millwall outsell Charlton

Millwall look set to sell more season tickets than Charlton for the first time in over 20 years setting them on their way to their own target 10,000. By the end of June, the Addicks had sold 4,730 season tickets, but some of those were comps: Outsold

Steve Kavanagh is, of course, a former Charlton chief executive.

How much does Katrien get paid?

There is no disclosure of how much Katrien Meire gets paid as chief executive and the CAS Trust has been pursuing the matter. Leaving aside the desirability of transparency, it is not clear whether the club's practices are compliant with UK law, although they may have found a loophole: Salary

Wednesday 5 July 2017

Valley cannot be developed for housing

Greenwich Council has shot down reports that The Valley could be redeveloped for housing after a report commissioned by the club surfaced: No cause for concern

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has tweeted that Greenwich Council would be better off asking why the report was commissioned in the first place, but no doubt the Council would say that was outside their remit (and would require too much effort on their part).

I have always been sceptical of these property play rumours because of access issues.

Sunday 2 July 2017

Charlton linked with Anders Lindegaard

As Charlton search for a keeper, they have been linked with 33-year old Anders Lindegaard who has been released by Preston North End: Lindegaard

Career details for the one time Danish international here: Career

However, the possibility of signing David Martin from MK Dons may provide too big a temptation for Karl Robinson.