Thursday 7 December 2023

The blame game

Unfortunately continued ill health has meant that I have been following Charlton from afar and intermittently.   I see that after defeat in the second hand vehicles trophy, some fans are piling in on Appleton.

I was not a great enthusiast about his appointment, but for a long time the problem at Charlton has not been the managers but the players.  Taken as a whole, they are not good enough to achieve promotion.

Appleton needs a January transfer window to get rid of the dead wood and bring in some new players, particularly defenders.   Then he can be properly judged.


  1. I wouldn't say supporters have been "piling in on Appleton" But there has been some criticism I agree. It's mainly around his strange team selections.
    As you say his own transfer window needs to come and go before any real judgement can be made. Unfortunately I expect this January window to be what our windows usually are, hopeless. I fully expect a couple of last minute loans in and out, but nothing more.

  2. Hi nice to see you are still keeping an eye on Charlton, I hope the medical issues will improve Mr Grant. With regard to the team we need a new midfield as well. For most of the season we have not been able to control the midfield in most games, even as far as achieving 50:50 possession of it.