Wednesday 14 February 2024

Jones: I want Dobbo to stay

Nathan Jones made it very clear at last night’s press conference that he wants George Dobson to stay at Charlton beyond this season, reports Richard Cawley of the SLP.

Asks why Dobbo would want to go and play in Hungary when he can play in the Championship.  Jones said that if players believe they are good enough then they can play there. Made the point that his Luton players went to that level and then into the Premier League.

Jones: "With massive respect he has played a lot of League One football. But why not try and be a Championship footballer? Why not try and do what he does in League One, in the Championship? That is his goal. That is what we have to try and make him - change his mentality and hopefully change his life. "He doesn't need to go to Hungary to do that. He has an opportunity to do that here. That is what I've reiterated to him. It is a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful football club - that's why I've come here."

The problem is that he has signed a pre-contract and cancelling that could be costly.

But why Hungary?   It's a nice place to visit - fascinating when the Communists were notionally in power. But the language is very difficult.  

Conor Coventry and Louie Watson's omission from the matchday squad last night was a tactical one.

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  1. If Dobson wants to play in the Championship, he's with the wrong club.