Sunday, 29 April 2012

Massive honour

Former Addick Miguel Llera assisted Sheffield Wednesday to a key victory at Brentford yesterday, while Sheffield United could only draw against the heroes of Hertfordshire. Llera has scored a few goals for the Massives which isn't to say that I think we should have retained him.

The Massives are at home to Wycombe Wanderers next week, while Sheffield United are away to relegated Exeter. Both the steel city sides should be able to win these fixtures which would leave the Massives automatically promoted with Sheffield United favourites to win the play offs.

This means that Charlton will have the massive privilege of playing Sheffield Wednesday for one more year. It will be only one year as the Massives secure promotion to their natural home in the top flight.

This year Charlton (once described by ITV as the 'tiny London club') had the effrontery to be unbeaten against the Massives, winning at Hillsborough, but they may adopt a more respectful attitude to the bigger club next year. Or perhaps not.

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  1. Massive result for a massive club like Wednesday, Llerra has been .... massive