Monday, 9 April 2012

Saddled Up

An advert on Midlands TV yesterday evening for a discount warehouse in Walsall pointed out that it had a coffee shop as well and boasted 'you could spend practically all day there.'   Given the lack of alternative attractions in Walsall on a wet bank holiday Monday, some people might well do so.   Even the Saddlers are not at home.

What's that double decker bus I see heading for the M1?   It contains the Walsall team and once they get to The Valley they will park it in front of the goal.   We can expect Walsall to put ten men behind the ball today in the hope of a 0-0.   If things go well for them, they can hit us on the break and win 0-1 as they did last season.

The Saddlers are out of the relegation places, but they are still in a relegation battle and we can expect them to give us a hard ride today.   Rain and gusting winds won't help, particularly if we resort to the long ball in frustration at not being able to break down their defence.

Walsall have only won two games away all season, but they have drawn eleven, a figure only matched by draw specialists Huddersfield.   The Saddlers are currently 11th in the form table.

After Mr Kettle boiled over on Saturday, we will have to make a couple of changes.   I assume that Green will come in for Wagstaff and that Bradley Pritchard will replace Hollands.   Hughes is still not match fit.   At least the referee today is from West Sussex.

On The Football League Show Chris Powell paid tribute to the spirit of the team and the way in which they were playing for the club, the fans and him personally.   I expect this to carry us through to victory in a tricky match.   Even though Sheffield Wednesday can be expected to beat Oldham, the Massives will start to run out of road if we win today.

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