Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ten things I won't miss about League 1

1. Appalling referees and linos.   Surely there can't be anyone as bad as Kettle in the Championship?
2. Teams whose ambition is to stay in League 1 but want to enliven their season by taking a scalp off a 'big' club.
3. Pitches the standard of that at Oldham.
4. Playing away at Yeovil.
5. The media obsession with the two Sheffield clubs and Huddersfield.
6. Northern cloggers.
7. The paint pot trophy.
8. Having to play in Rounds 1 and 2 of the FA Cup.
9. Being a division below Palace and Millwall.
10. Pessimists pointing out we could be playing Ebbsfleet in the Conference in two seasons.

What will you miss least?


  1. Rugby size players who have been coached in a style of play that is kick the other team, hit them on the break in an aerial assualt, get a goal and park the bus in front of the goal whilst deploying time wasting tactics from the eleventh minute of the game.

  2. Opposition team sheets where I don't recognise any of the names