Thursday, 21 July 2016

A small piece of good news

My season ticket arrived yesterday. According to a tweet from the club, I am in the company of 5,500 others. This means that there will always be a minimum home crowd of 5,500, as League rules require season ticket holders to be counted whether they are there or not.

I renewed reluctantly. However, I knew that if I did not renew, I would stop coming. Those around me have all renewed.

One piece of good news I have had recently is that the West Sussex branch of Charlton Athletic Supporters Club is not to fold, as new blood has joined to take up the duties from an ageing leadership. Of course, there isn't a CASC as such any more, but the branch has kept going.

Why am I in the West Sussex branch when I live in the Midlands? When we were in the Premier League, their minibus would come up the M40 and come off at Warwick to pick us up. One one occasion they missed the turning and we had to scramble down the M40 embankment, to be greeted by a line of fans relieving themselves.

Our genial host on the coach was Brian Cole who was pitch announcer until he was sacked for insulting Crystal Pal****. Brian did a lot of the driving himself, but there was usually a relief driver. One one occasion Brian brought in someone who drove a hearse for his day job. This gave a new meaning to the term 'slow lane'.

Over at our sister site, the political economy of football, we are recalling Chinese coverage of Charlton when we were in the Premier League: Middle Kingdom

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