Friday, 29 July 2016

Cheesed off

I am now back from Orkney where the football season is reaching its end with the pending Parish Cup final confirming that this is the year of the underdog. Rendell, a scattered farming parish of 100, is in the final and likely to face last year's winner, Athletico Stromness.

Meanwhile, in the top league competition, the Orkney Cheese League, Isles United have zero points and have scored only eight goals

Back to face reality at The Valley and I can never recall a season I have approached with less enthusiasm, although the Sevenoaks Chronicle is trying to show some optimism: Deadliest frontline

Russell Slade is trying to fill the gaps in the team. It looks as if Bergdich is being offloaded to Rennes, while there have been rumours about Morgan Fox joining West Ham. He is a player that divides fans, although I think his problem is inconsistency: very good one minute, error prone the next.

If you want a little light relief, read about the kit disaster at Hearts: Jam Tarts


  1. Hope you enjoyed the land of my fathers Wyn. Not a tree in sight.

  2. Always enjoy visiting Scotland, although the Orcadians don't think of themselves as Scottish.