Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Brexit and Charlton

Apparently there is going to be a Voice of the Valley out early in August and there has been an unconfirmed rumour that Nigel Farage is to start getting his life back by writing an article on Brexit and football. The fanzine is, of course, published from Ramsgate which was in the Thanet South seat contested by Farage in the last election. VOTV editor Everitt is thought not to be well disposed to UKIP, but a celebrity contributor may be too good a chance to miss.

Meanwhile, our sister site The Political Economy of Football has looked at some of the consequences of Brexit for football: Uncertain times

One thing I am certain of is that if Charlton fans had been given a chance to vote on whether Roland and Katrien should leave, one would have seen a vote in one direction that would rival the results achieved in the former German Democratic Republic. I once had to sit in West Berlin watching DDR news and it gave a new meaning to 'boring'.

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