Friday, 8 July 2016

Meire's latest mistake?

The excellent Drinking During the Game blog is reporting that the University of Greenwich is to be replaced as shirt sponsor by online gambling firm Betdaq: Shirt sponsors

Admittedly, many clubs are sponsored by betting companies and people are entitled to bet if they want to. However, it is also clear that an increasing number of people are getting into financial difficulty because of online and other forms of gambling. According to Gambling Commission figures, British bettors lost £12.6bn last year with the amount rising because of online gambling.

One Addick commented, 'Of course, as a socially responsible, ethical community club we have previously resisted these kind of firms for the shirt, although we have had official betting partners. However, it's another blot on this regimes copybook and I guess no one is really surprised any more.'

The club has now confirmed the decision: New sponsor

A spoof Katrien Meire twitter account says that the choice of a gaming company is deliberate as she treats fans like mug punters.


  1. That's another shirt I'll not be getting then. It's only a small step up from Wonga! Mind you, I would definitely buy one of the ones pictured on your blog Wyn.

  2. Its a sad day, and another confirmation of how far our club has fallen from the standrds which it set back in the 1990s. The regime is so hated by most supporters I think it may also be a poor deal for the sponsors; I certainly hope so.