Friday, 30 September 2016

Beneath The Valley of the Super Nerd

The second part of the scoop interview by Louis Mendez with Thomas Driesen appears in the South London Press today. It is unlikely to appear online until tomorrow at the earliest.

Apparently it covers Driesen's views of Charlton's managers and coaches, explains why Yann Kermorgant was let go and Nego was signed. It is stated that he did not approve of the Kermorgant transfer, but Roland and Katrien are not to blame as they were advised by unknown others.

p>The second part of the interview, in which Drisen admits that Karel Fraeye was not up to the job of Charlton coach, is now available online: Driesen


  1. Wyn, but we already know why Kermorgant was let go and Nego signed - it was because the regime knew little about football and was advised by people who knew even less. No doubt Driesen will, like Meire before, try to offer a version of events which contradicts the accounts given by those disgruntled ex-employees who have earned our trust and respect. As for his views on Charlton's managers/coaches, would anyone on this planet outside the regime place any value on them?

  2. You have to laugh. The completely unqualified and inexpereinced Driesen saying Charlton was too big a step for Fraye. Pot n kettle sunshine.