Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Roland in town

Charlton owner Roland Duchatelet made one of his rare and, as usual, unheralded visits to South-East London last night when he met the Target 20k committee, not the most critical group of fans. Apparently he said that he wished football fans would mix at games like rugby fans. He clearly doesn't get it.

Asked why he wasn't around more, Roland said that he could commit more time but Charlton only amounted to 1.5 per cent of income/resources.


  1. Wyn, does that imply that if we could drive down Charlton income to zero we would get rid of him at last?

  2. 1.5 % of his time equates to about 4 days a year (assuming an average 5 day week). Curious that none of them are ever match days.