Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Thomas Driesen interview

Louis Mendez of the South London Press has secured an interview with youthful Charlton scout Thomas Driesen. It wasn't initially online, but a few details have leaked out on Twitter.

Apparently the twenty something with the innovative hairstyle is still 'heavily involved' at Charlton. He claims that Roland and Katrien are not at fault for the shambles because they were given 'wrong advice'.

Driesen responded to claims by Chris Powell and Guy Luzon that they did not have the final say on transfers. He said, 'We only gave him [Powell] tons of information. Not ever - not even once - did anybody say anything that he had to use a certain player or had to play a certain system. Because he got so many players from the network to strengthen the team we tried to give him as much information as possible about each player.'

As Rick Everitt has noted, there is a contradiction between saying 'If you were a manager getting five or six players that you never heard about, you want as much information as possible' and saying that the manager had the final say on transfers. What manager is going to hire a player he knows nothing about

Driesen claims that when he was at Standard Liege 'I learned a lot in a short period of time - because I am a football freak. I contacted [Duchatelet] to talk about football and talk about tactics. And then when we were in contact I gave him reports on players that were in the press and linked to Standard. So he asked me if I could do more and more and more, until it became a full time thing.'

The full interview is now available online here (there will be another instalment on Friday): Thomas Driesen

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has commented that it is an good scoop but very damaging to CAFC: 'Driesen repeats the old regime lies and maybe takes them further.'

Katrien Meire has withdrawn from the vote for a place on the Football League Board and it has gone to the Walsall chief executive.

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