Thursday, 15 September 2016

VOTV overcomes 'K' crisis

Fanzine Voice of the Valley has overcome a production crisis and will be available at the AFC Wimbledon game on Saturday: New issue

Editor Rick Everitt is a devotee of hot metal production methods and had a crisis with his linotype machine. Sometimes the letters can snap on an old and heavily used machine.

Usually this happens with vowels. It is almost unknown for the letter 'K' to cause a problem. In the past this has only happened with obscure local newspapers in the Deep South of the United States. Not only do they have to cover the activities of the local chapter of the Klu Klux Klan, they also have to follow the Klan's fashion of replacing the letter 'c' by 'k', as in 'Klu Klu Klan members 'k'onverged on a 'k'onclave.

The letter 'K' has had heavy use at VOTV's Ramsgate headquarters in recent months as it has reported on the activities of Charlton chief executive Katrien Meire in recent months. Fortunately, Rick Everitt was able to effect a running repair using epoxy resin and garden twine, so the issue will not appear with references to *atrien Meire.

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