Thursday, 3 August 2017

One good thing to come out of Ramsgate

The economist and Aston Villa supporter John Maynard Keynes insisted that nothing good ever came out of Ramsgate. Everything there was second or third rate.

However, there is one first rate thing that comes out of Ramsgate and that is Charlton fanzine Voice of the Valley. The murky seas and chalky cliffs that made such an indelible impression on Keynes do not seem to have deterred editor Rick Everitt and the first issue of the new season will be on sale around The Valley on Saturday.

Following the 6-1 demolition of Ipswich in the final pre-season friendly, the fanzine asks if things are finally looking up for the Addicks on the pitch, with Kyle Andrews taking an in-depth look at the transfer window. There's a special focus on player of the year Ricky Holmes, while Rick Everitt has been to see what's been going on at Sparrows Lane over the summer. The usual crew of vinegar pissers has been rounded up to contribute articles. In my case, the Rickster tracked me down in the Orkney Islands to provide copy.

This issue will come with a free sachet of vinegar to enhance the reading experience. If you can't or won't come to The Valley, it is possible to take out a postal subscription. The fanzine will be delivered in a plain wrapper for you to enjoy in the comfort and privacy of your own home. More details at Voice of the Valley

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