Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Charlton crash out of Paint Pot

No one likes losing as Chris Powell pointed out last night following Charlton's 0-3 defeat by Brentford in the Paint Pot.  Not a lot was at stake, of course, but I was pleased that duties in Yorkshire prevented me from going to the game.

If there is a lesson to be learned, it is that our fringe players would benefit from a reserve league to maintain their sharpness.   Possibly also five changes at the back was running a risk, although an acceptable one.

What is also evident is that, despite concerns expressed about the non-involvement of some players, we have got the starting eleven more or less right, leaving aside the Green v. Wagstaff controversy.   The latter has limitations, but I have not seen enough of Green to form a view.

There must also be a concern about what might happen when injuries and suspensions occur, although we haven't been picking up a lot of cards, in part because success reduces frustration and the likelihood of committing fouls.


  1. The Doc was truly rubbish: gifting the first goal, no idea how to get the ball out of defence, putting our own players under pressure - Luton take him please. Alonso was so slow, and kept giving the ball away, and a pen. Hughes - where did we dig we dig him up from? The only bright spot was the quick & skilful Cedric Evina. To be fair, The Bees worked bloody hard and passed the ball around very well. Had to switch the idiot-box at 2-0

  2. I agree that Evina looked good. Alonso was being played as a deep lying playmaker but just either his passes went astray, or he hammered it into the feet of the front guys who don't have the touch to control it (especially Hayes). He also offered little when defending (see penalty!)

  3. You are spot on with your observations regarding the need for a reserve league. That was so evident from last nights game. The Doc and Alonso both looked awful, but in the case of Mikel, one has to remember he's not kicked a ball for nearly 6 months.

    Last night meant nothing against the importance of the league, but it does raise concerns about the sharpness of the squad if they are called upon.