Thursday 27 October 2011

Future of the Academy

The Charlton academy has been one of the distinctive features of the club which, allowing for some fallow periods, has produced some outstanding players.   However, it is now under a threat under a controversial new scheme voted through by the Football League under some pressure from the Premiership.  More about the new arrangements here:

It is understood that Charlton is aiming for Category 2 under the new arrangements which will mean an increase in contact hours.   Inevitably some of the best players will go to Category 1 clubs.

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  1. I read your article. It does not surprise me that the Premiership clubs have pushed through yet another piece of footballing legislation that benefits themselves and is pretty detrimental to the smaller clubs in this country. (Who do actually have the time and need to develop promising youngsters into young professionals AND THEN benefit from selling their young stars onto the bigger clubs for fair fee's that the premiership can afford but also allow the smaller clubs to get a return on the development investment and go some way to compensate them for losing players who are extremely hard to replace at the lower level).